Home owner told me he installed his own roof

The home owner just told me that he installed his own metal roof without pulling a permit. I have to report a 4 point inspection which requires life expectancy left on the roof. Roof looked good and there was a light rain so I did not observe any leaks at the time of the inspection. Not sure what I should do here, advice?

During the phone consultation, I would have asked if he pulled a permit. If he said no, I would have kindly told him, here (FL), it is required that you pull a permit for roof replacement, and there are other things that must be done as well, so, for those reasons, I will not be able to perform the four point inspection.

And, since he took it upon himself to do the roof without a permit, I can only wonder, what other “work” has been performed…improperly…

I only found this out after doing the inspecting, It was also on a manufactured home so I didn’t get to look at any of the connections. So now I am stuck with the report in my hand with no idea where to go from this point.

So, why are you confused ?
Report what your know and what you observed and/or learned.
Having a permit won’t necessarily help answer the “remaining life expectancy” question. If he had pulled a permit, how would answer that question?

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