HomeGauge Merchant Account

Anyone using:
Signature Card Services?
Something Else?

I need to setup a service and looking for advice on what to choose.

I just use Paypal right now to accept payments onsite and on my website. I’ll be adding authorize.net in the near future so that it integrates into the HG system so that reports can only be viewed after payment (without me having to manually change the settings). If you had to just pick one, I would suggest authorize.net because of the integration with HG.


PayPal holds your funds for 2-3 days before they release them to your bank.
Square releases funds the next business day.
After over 8 years of using PayPal, I don’t use them for my CC processing.

Actually PayPal has been depositing cash in my bank next day for over the past year now and square started holding deposits for 2 days.

That’s been my experience

My experience duplicates Linus …Square is better for me than Paypal

Regardless of which service provider you use the question/request is can Home Gauge integrate with these providers to help automate the payment process or must we use the one who has a relationship with Home Gauge. I realize they can’t support every request or provider but more flexibility and options would help.

Thanks all for the advice. You know I need to turn on the notification of replies to my posts, assuming there is an option. Just now seeing this and I signed up this morning with the signature service that advertises on the InterNACHI newsletter. Will see how it works out.