Why didn't the new concrete patio and walkway and exterior drain tiles SOLVE this leaky basement?

You tell me. They spent $16,000 on this GARBAGE

Asked the lady at beginning of video, how much money did it cost? LISTEN.

Same house, my initial visit, estimate

Do you see what they spent $16,000 on? lol This was another big rip off, a heist.

By the way, this company did NOT come back… WHY?

Video of ‘some’ of the actual problems

ONLY an idiot, an incompetent negligent idiot would recommend what this company did OR, a crooked, lying piece of shtt … and what they recommended was pretty much… surface water diverting games, its obvious.

You watch Marks videos and you feel sorry OR happy for him.

#1 - Apparently where he’s at they got crappy foundations & foundation repair contractors
#2 - That must make him a bunch of $$$ correcting it.

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