Hooking up

I used to get a lot of “requests” from people I know to connect with them on this website.

I figured “Eh . . . I don’t think so.”

Last Thursday, pursuant to much cajoling, I went to this networking gathering and a lot of people that I have a lot of respect for were telling me what a great networking tool it is. There was even a short presentation on its many benefits.

Now the people at this networking function were movers and shakers, people you actually would want to know - and acknowledge knowing. So, I thought to myself: “Hmmm. Who knows more people than I?”, a rhetorical question that answers itself.

And so I signed up. You should, too.

Now, if only Dale Duffy would hook up with me. Or Chris Duphily. Or Mark Timpani.

Looks similar to Plaxo.

Many of us here are LinkedIn:wink:

Not quite fifteen months later, I have 920 connections, over 700 of whom are HIs - including - I might add - Dale Duffy, Chris Duphily AND Mark Timpani.

Coming up on two years, I have 1211 connections, 933 HIs.


I am one of those . :slight_smile:

I thought you were a GC masquerading as a HI Mike. Thats what it looks like after reading the comments here. LOL

Well you are quite mistaken I am a Florida Licensed General Contractor and a Florida Licensed Home Inspector.