Hose bib placement

This home has hose bibs that, because of their placement, are not conveniently accessible for attaching hoses. But more than that, because the water runs down onto the brick veneer which is not sloped down, it may run under the flashing and into the area where it may access the sill plate.

Does this look ok? What would you recommend if anything?


Couldn’t resist. Shut the water off!! Or seal the brick. LOL :sunglasses:

Mount the hose rack on the brick and leave the hose connected.

No issues on my end…
Wow! Deal killer …Yep!
Just jokin…Move on.

You really must be jokin…Huh?

If that water gets behind the brick, it could explode and blow a hole in the house next door. :lying_face: :roll_eyes: :weary: :flushed:

Yes, I’m joking.

Talk to your client about it and recommend it be sealed by a qualified professional. :grinning: