House right on canal, Lake St Clair, high water table eh? pfttt

the often used bs-line, “Oh you are in a high water table area and so you get water in basement where foundation wall meets the floor cuz hydrostatic (hydro-dork) pressure and need our basement drainage system” = lying fools

Homeowners recently had some work done to seawall… that’s why the backyard is torn up a bit

:30 exterior corner cracks allowing water in, on basement floor

:45 more exterior corner cracks allowing water in basement

1:10 openings above and below basement window allowing water in basement

Installing any type of interior drainage system will not (duh) waterproof the exterior cracks and other openings that are allowing the water in basement!


Inside basement same house in St Clair Shores, they get a lot of water in because there are exterior cracks etc, NOT because of the grade, not because of a supposed hydrostatic pressure problem and bs–need for drain tile etc, PFTTT !

The neighbor has same exterior corner cracks and they also get water where the bottom of the basement wall meets the basement floor

See this video, an INT system is being taken out lolol and another installed… will this crap stop water from entering through ext cracks in wall, no

It just need a longer downspout extension, Mark…LOL! :crazy_face:

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right!! and let’s see, maybe add bunch more soil up against the house… sure

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You can use polyurea coating, it is effective for waterproofing.

say what…? lol

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