How do you like this?

15’ high and still in use.

What’s your concern?

Is it structurally sound? From the picture I can’t tell if anything is wrong…

Tell us what your concerns are. Then we can help you.

This is not a test for us. But we can either agree with you or help you find the correct answers.

Thanks Jeff, I don’t have a concern.
This picture was just put on here to stimulate conversation.
I was driving home the other day and when I stopped at a red light I looked over and there it was so I snapped a pic.
I see many issue’s with this stairway.
I wanted to hear what everyone else had to say.
And no it’s not a test David just a simple post!
Have a great day everyone!

I would be concerned with the age of the outside stringer considering it has minimal support. I would’t want to be moving furniture up those steps.

Without seeing how its attached to the building I don’t know. However I would prefer to see posts go all the way to the ground. Typically something with out posts to the ground should be a cantilever. And should extend into the building structure.

1009.7 Vertical rise. A flight of stairs shall not have a vertical rise greater than 12 feet (3658 mm) between floor levels or landings.

Obviously, this is a Commercial building, not Residential, and is subject to many differing regulations, such as (varies with municipality) placing posts when they encroach an easement/roadway (without barriers), is a safety hazard and is not allowed. (Think garbage truck or out-of-control vehicle hitting a post and damaging it, and nobody notices the damage). Without better photos and more information, unknown if cantilever design.

My thoughts exactly! :smiley:
Plus the ladder effect and wide space’s between the railings and guard above.
The dry rotted wood of the entire structure itself. (if it started out as pressure treated lumber it was a long time ago.)
In the 2nd photo you can see the bricks under the upper window are sagging.
I imagine from the weight of the large A/C unit pulling on the wall along with the way it is also rigged in the window itself.
The black stains on the deck/landing area may be visible apparent mold? but that’s just a guess of course.

everything about it would not pass code inspections if it were built today with a permit. That being said, it looks fine :slight_smile:

Well, that’s kind of a useless statement as everyone here should know that anything built more than a few years ago “would not pass code inspections if it were built today with permits”.