How Home Inspectors (and Realtors) Can Use Free Appliance Recall Service

We Make It Safer, a free appliance recall service, has added a page (for Home Inspectors)to their website explaining it’s free service and how it works for Realtors, home inspectors and homeowners. This free service also sends out a newsletter to your clients to keep them up to date on the latest recalls and reminds them of the great, free service you provide to the public. This is a great referral tool to add to you marketing arsenal. Check it out here.
This free service is endorsed by President Obama!!!
God Bless President Obama and The United States of America!!!

Home inspector and Realtors.

You may wish to keep in mind that you are very busy people and this FREE site is a time suck and is not very efficient. It’s FREE because you get what you pay for, but it will eventually provide you with the information you are looking for if you have the time.

Thanks for the endorsement Troy. I’m here to help.

Thanks for the endorsement Troy. I’m here to help.

I know you are :slight_smile:

Thanks, I spread the good news at the other forums too, got to help my fellow inspectors at Inspection News and the ASHI Forum.:wink:

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