How not to fix a hole in the roof

That is not a skylight, as I first thought. It’s a blue tarp.

072110 057.JPG 072110 059.JPG

Why was it put there? To plug the hole left by the plumbing vent when it fell down. You can’t fix stupid!

072110 193.JPG

That’s ridiculas. There’s going to be more repair now than before. So when the tarp wears away, will they foam another one in?

Tarps don’t ever go bad, do they???

I don’t understand–what’s wrong with that repair.

I have it on my roof…

…in three places.

Roofer was from Haiti I think. He got the “hurricane special” for $150.

hurricane special nothing… I’ve been to Haiti, that’s code down there…:wink:

I think I’ve seen your roof in my travels… a rose among thorn bushes if I might say so! Just as Joe’s example! :smiley:

At least they could have used a brown tarp so that it was less noticeable…

Not rot or mold.(no Water Intrusion )
Thumbs up.

Just hope they cut out the right size hole for that white pipe thingy.:slight_smile:
Duck Tape should work well.


That’s like three times the work and 10 times the mess of just making a permanent repair/replacement.:shock:

That must be what they mean by “the cure is worse than the disease”.