How should I write this

How should I write this

041406 003.jpg

Is this Stucco?

What’s that brown material below the Stucco?

It does appear to have been damaged previously, and repaired; and now again needing repair and the small brown patches look like rust on a metal window frame, though it could be mold? What is above this window? Could there be a leak in the roof above this, and water is coming down to sit above the lintel, and soaking through at that point?

Painted block.

If that’s block, then where’s the steel lintel?

It was built in the early 50’s

Doesn’t matter, there’s obvious signs of settling and a lintel installation is imminent.


It appears that the exterior stucco has been patched in the past for the same problem.
The wood trim on the exterior shows an exteme amout of water infiltration by the decaying cracks in it, and also could be hiding the steel lintel.
The wood trim is holding water between the stucco, and rust on the what appears to be jealousy windows came from the steel lintel that we can not see.

I would recommend that the wood trim be removed and the steel lintel, if it exist, be caulked and the stucco repaired one more time.

Hopes this helps.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch

Cracking is indicative of moisture intrusion. Past repairs have reoccurred, indicating an active situation. Inspection by a stucco / EIFS recommended.

It looks like they put some sort of stucco / dash finish right over the block.

I coucure with you Marcel. i guess we still think alike on most things. usualy if you’ve posted, i don’t need to 'cuz you already said it.:mrgreen: :mrgreen: