How to get business?

I’ve been advertising like crazy here in Dallas TX and I have yet to get my first inspection. How did you all get yours?

read all the marketing posts by Russell Ray.


Slap’em all around and cuss’em out !!!

If that doesn’t work, read the Marketing Section:D :smiley: :smiley:


No website and they think you are operating out of a cave. Unless you have dealt with Realtors who were around before the internet explosion, they won’t call. Most will put someone on a computer list or their cell phone. They don’t want to waste anytime looking through files when they can quick search the internet.

Join the BEST…


Perhaps an “Ice Legend” would be better advertising in Alaska than TX?

Seriously though, join then read through the marketing threads. There is good advertising, and not so good advertising. You want to use direct marketing rather than blind marketing. It’s all there in the marketing forum.

I know the feeling of being new & having trouble getting started. I feel your pain! i can tell you, being a NACHI member has helped! we have received e-mails from search engines where we are listed through NACHI. It’s a great thing!!


Call Real estate offices, ask to speak with the managing broker
set up a 10 min. presentation during a sales meeting. introduce
yourself, bring food and keep it short.

and bear in mind the market is somewhat slow right now.
good luck