"How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes" online course

This thread is dedicated exclusively for those students currently enrolled in the InterNACHI course titled, “How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes.”](http://www.nachi.org/manufactured-mobile-homes-course.htm)
This course teaches the inspector how to perform the inspection of a manufactured or mobile home. The course is based upon the U.S. Housing and Urban Development’s Standards for Manufactured and Mobile Homes.

Students are free to pose questions and comments here and join in the conversation with other students. The thread will be monitored by the course instructor.

In keeping with InterNACHI’s commitment to Continuing Education, this course is open and free to all members, and can be taken again and again, without limit.

Contact: Director of Education, Ben Gromicko ben@internachi.org

Inspector training courses: www.nachi.org/education.

Thank you.

done. very nice course, Ben.

Great new online course “How to inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes”
With my 30+ years experience with Manufactured / Mobile Home this course covered all area very nicely. Great job……


Anyone who completes this course should get a cool emblem to post on their website…InterNachi Certified Manufactured Home Inspector…agree?

Thanks Ben. Good course.

Hi Ben, we have manufactured homes here, I have been to the factory, and seen how they are build and what they are used for, they are nothing like a mobile home. will some of the courses be or have more canadain content this year.

Thank you

Eragorn, I think you might have gone to a modular home factory. A mobile home is just the old term for manufactured home.


Thanks Ben for a very good and informative course.

Thanks Ben good course i enjoyed it .

Yes I just completed it and man there is allot of good info.
We have three trailer parks and some modular homes.
Thanks for all the effort put into this one.


Good course so far - lots of good information.

I believe there is a misidentification in the Electrical section, however:

8.12 Polarization

(a) The identified (white) conductor should be employed for grounding circuit conductors only and should be connected to the identified (white) terminal or lead on receptacle outlets and fixtures. It should be the unswitched wire in switched circuits, except that a cable containing an identified conductor (white) should be permitted for single-pole three-way or four-way switch loops where the connections are made so that the unidentified conductor is the return conductor from the switch to the outlet. Painting of the terminal end of the wire is not required.
(b) If the identified (white) conductor of a cable is used for other than grounded conductors or for other than switch loops as explained above (for a 240 volt circuit for example), the conductor should be finished in a color other than white at each outlet where the conductors are visible and accessible.
© Green-colored wires or green with yellow stripe should be used for grounding conductors only.

Should identify the white wires “to be employed for **grounded circuit conductors **only”

There are a lot of other typos that don’t mean much, but I think this one is important and needs to be corrected.


Good course. I have lived in a mobile home and presently live in a manufactured home so am very interested in this course. Is there any information about placing these structures on screw-in piles? We have used the oilfield type of rig anchors and put them in 10 feet deep as our frost line is at about 8 feet and we wanted to avoid frost heaves. The anchors are are all welded to the frame and the home is very stable.

I enjoyed the course.

Not sure why I can’t seem to pass this examine. Studied all the materials, took all the quizzes and had no problems but when I took the examine it seemed to me that several of the questions were twisted around, intentionally mis-worded.
Decided to revisit the material and examine, take more notes and try again. Same story.
Why can’t you show us what we are getting wrong so we can learn from our mistakes? This is the first course I have ever taken an failed. I believe I know the majority of the information but have no ideal what I am missing.

I’m in the same boat as you Ron. I have attempted this exam at least 5 times, all with failing grades. Is this a case of the “shall” vs “should” rules? For many of the questions I have encountered, I have even referenced reading material directly from the course. Can’t seem to get over 77. What gives? I’d like to think I read the questions thoroughly.


I still cant figure it out. I would like the test to show us the correct answers once were finished completing the exam.

Hey everyone. Just wanted you to know that we’ve made an update to this course’s final exam.

We have linked every final exam question to the actual sentence from the content source. Now, every question can be traced back to it’s answer, which is contained within the course.

And we edited several questions for clarity - now they’re easier to read and understand.

I know this course in particular is very challenging. It can be done. About one-third of the examinees have passed with an average score of 87. So, stick with it.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

Just finished re-taking this course and finally passed with a 95% grade. Thanks for updating the courses questions as they were much improved and readable.

I am trying to understand the foundation or piers footing. I am using my buddies house as a guide line to understand more. I see his footings having block, wood, block & others have to smaller blocks, wood, block. Are these two types of stacking ok? Attached pictures for better understanding

Is there content for the equivalent Canadian content (compared to the HUD.Federal info)?