"How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes" online course

Starting the mobile and manufacture home study class.
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Starting course :slight_smile:

Here goes.

Great course. I’ve inspected many mobile homes, but there is a lot of great information in this course.

This was a good course with lots of specific information concerning manufactured homes. Per course requirements, I’m posting one photo of a property inspection. This one highlights an improperly installed sprinkler system attached directly to a water bib. This should include a proper back flow device in order to prevent cross contamination of the water system.

No backflow device.jpg

I’m taking the on line manufactured home course so I can renew my license. I have worked on manufactured homes in the past and think this course is very good. I attached a photo of tie downs on a manufactured home. Nothing unusual, band type strap from frame to concrete runner.

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Just finished the course. Very good course! Lots of good information. Thank you Ben.

Hi Ben,
On section 7;14 there is a picture of live wires going through a metal cut out hole on a heating unit without any grommet or insulating material. shouldn’t there be a comment of an electrical safety issue stated? :neutral:

Yes I recommended a foundation person come out and further evaluate, due to missing shims below the frame and the piers

Becoming the go to person in the company in regards to Modular/Mobile homes - thank you for your training methods

This service drop is only approximately 7 to 8 feet above the ground

Picture of service panel with missing knock outs taped over with electrical tape.

Roof: Inspected from roof surface.
Roof Style is a combination gable roof with 1 closed-cut valley
Material: 3 tab asphalt shingles in satisfactory condition. At time of inspection there is no visible curling or clawing of the shingles
Roof covering material is approximately 19 years old.
Roof has 6 total penetrations. There are 4 plumbing vents with with adequate and intact flashing. There are 2 skylights with adequate and intact flashing.
Roof structure was inspected from accessible areas of attic. No signs of water leaks at time of inspection.

Great course, I’ve inspected hundreds of mobile/manufactured homes. My Realtor clients will LOVE the “Mobile Home Inspector” logo on my reports.

Here is an excerpt and photo from one (actually, almost all) of my reports;

This home is on a raised foundation supported by adjustable steel screw jacks, a representative number of jacks were inspected and found to be stable and secure…

very good and informative course.

How many defects can you spot in the attached picture of a crawl space?

As per course requirements. How many defects do you see?:shock::mrgreen:

In section 9 I believe this quiz question is mis worded.
T/F: All 120-volt, single-phase 15- and 20-ampere receptacle outlets should have ground-fault circuit protection for personnel.
True (correct)

GFCI didn’t reset when tested, I recommended it to be replaced by an electrical contractor

The attached is an AC unit/heating unit that is very cluttered

Good course…I started my career as a MH installer and retailer over 30 years ago. Been quite a few improvements over the years. Definitely from trailer to House! Here is a 22 year old home with a modern kitchen. Very nice.