How to install perimeter drain - This old house

ryoung7 says;
Try this. Please ask the awards committee member to stop violating ethics. I would. Makes the organization look very bad.

I say back:
You are unable to understand…back on ignore you go, Robert…the second time I put someone on ignore and they are BOTH YOU.

Last time it was 2 months. This time it is 6 months…forever is coming up, Robert.

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ryoung7 says:
As always, thank you Larry. The Awards Committee is a great contribution to the organization.

I respond:
You talk out of both sides of your mouth, Robert…no wonder you don’t understand things. :roll_eyes:

Awards Committee Bylaws

The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors Awards Committee

I. Purpose

The Awards Committee is tasked with four major purposes:

  1. to publicize the awards offered by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors to its members to encourage the involvement of outstanding qualified nominees;

  2. to evaluate nominations by employing the established criteria and determine eligibility for InterNACHI® Member of the Year/Gromicko Award;

  3. to review suggestions for new awards, develop criteria and guidelines, and to implement those awards developed; and

  4. to revise the Bylaws as needed.

1: Create an standard of Ethics Bylaws for Awards Committee Members above the required Ethics of organization regular Members for starters.
2: Any voting, open to the general membership, to which I have never seen or been invited to, being regular and active on the form seeing this is limited to members who are regularly active on the forum.

I speak on behalf of an organization member that is being trolled and harassed by an Awards Committee Member, Mark Goldenberg.
Complaints: 1: using very unprofessional offensive language. 2: uses awards committee members as cover. 3: this could have been brought of with the founder Nick Gromicko by the committee for guidance.

1: what soil type and Geotextile would you use for that soil type in the This Old House video?
2: what type of drainage aggregate, “3/4 washed stone” backfill, would/should/could be used for that type of soil? Any reasonable link will do.
3: plastic perforated drain tile crush tolerances? Any reasonable manufacturer’s link will do.

Example. Last week. >5’. 4" plastic perforated drain tile not crushed. Company, not mine, excavated 2 locations.

I have several pertinent questions to want ask, but I will not seeing only speculation and innuendo will follow. Any reasonable manufacture or code link will do.

See, I see plastic perforated drain tile all over the city on New Construction, including commercial. Much deeper that 4’ feet. So I am to take it they will all prematurely fail or void warranty?

1- in photo, can’t see/tell how deep the stupid drain tile is

2- we see same type drain tile used at depths around 6’ deep that is crushed, not always but often.
POINT is, why use it when there’s more risk of it being crushed by weight of backfill? Folla?

  1. one can try n give that type of drain tile a lil more help by supporting the SIDES of the cheap drain tile before putting shtty backfill on top of it but often they don’t do that, they’ll often just push backfill in, on top without side-support = more stOOPid

i posted Oxford Plastics link around 50 times, a manufacturer of that D tile, you prolly never read it cuz you know everything lol

Oxf-Plastics was recently bought and NOW, the link that was posted many times here has been deleted lol, why? The NEWBIES apparently want to sell MORE of the crap D tile and don’t want the truth to be available online

i don’t give a sht whether manufacturers provide all the facts about cheap D tile or not, COMMON SENSE should tell you the perforated plastic crap is not as thick n durable as the clay or pvc and will have more trouble withstanding weight of backfill material, in my stinky az opinion

are you a big fan of, This shtty old house Bob? I’m not, never will be lol (NOTICE Marky could have but did not sht on the guy, THIS time) but i sure as shtt will when he turns into a lil …)

Try to be civil and succinct on the form, please.
1: My point exactly. So, why go off on that very well constructed This Old House perimeter drainage system? Come on Mark. I know you can treat members better than that.
2: I see crushed or mechanically perforated drainage pipe as well.
So Mark, are you saying no liquid ‘at all’ will flow past any crushed or torn pipe? Or can liquid flow through the drainage aggregate and reenter the drainage pipe, and system, perimeter field, 3/4" clean washed stone, once it passes the impediment?

You would have to preform a perimeter drainage field test to insure the hypotheses is accurate. I have done them on multiple occasions.
3: Why do you use such profanity along with your conflated diagnoses?
Come on Mark. I know you can do much better than that.

Hope you have a great day at work and keep safe.

Did you watch the stoopid video? Did you see what they did? If you did and you understand then NO need for furthers questions you just slapped on. The POINTS were made above.

Have i ever said that NO water/liquid will pass through or around screwed up D tile? No Bob, in fact i said several times some-water that gets down there will go around or under or above etc screwed up tile, you just didn’t read what i’ve repeatedly said or didn’t care to understand what i said or just wanted to play games, who the hlll knows.

i dig profanity Bob, it’s part of me lol, i tried the patient no bitching stuff throughout my first 20 yrs doing waterproofing, few if any cared to listen so i thought i’d spice the sht up, why not lol, like i care what the floating terds think of me, maybe YOU should spice up your thoughts Bob, think about it ok

I watched a video produced by This Old House. To refer to it as a stupid video, let me say this. Stupid is as Stupid does. It’s a saying from Forest Gump. Food for thought.

As to your point, the gravel was not clean.

Looks like any cleared washed 3/4" gravel I used. PS: That image was taken from the video.

Mark. Belly Ache all you want about how others preform or sell a product or service.
Consumers have choices and there are laws emplace to protect them just as there are laws to protect companies, persons or entitles from slander. Food for thought, Mark.