"Hum" in house

I have a low pitch pulsing humming, for lack of a better explanation, throughout my house. I hear it from the basement through the second floor. Hear it different times of the day, seems loudest around 4 to 6 AM. It’s not a constant sound, there are times when it’s not audible. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern. THe hum can not be heard in the walls or pipes. I’ve had the power turned off to the house, the water main in the home turned off and still hear the hum. The hum gets so loud it awakens me even with a white noise machine turned on and ear plugs in. What can I do to find the source of the noise? Who do I call? Electricians, plumbers, roofers have all been unsuccessful at finding anything. Help, I’m sleep deprived and frustrated. This has been going on since December.

Sure your imagination is not running away with you?

Maybe from outside transformer

It could be the ghost of Linda Lovelace…

Had a guy, once. who thought he had a short in his hard wired smoke detector. It kept going off at odd times, says he. Turned out to be his hearing aids “chirping” from high volume.

Are you the only one hearing this sound?

turn the power off, the water. Listen. next check for pests. have you seen any droppings around the outside of the home in corners? tree limbs on the home? when you shut the water to the home make sure it is at the street
if you have gas get someone to hold on to the pipe In short do some investigation for Vibration. BTW if you had any ultrasonic sonic detectors or devices installed and you do have hearing Aids there could be a frequency problem . hope this helps.

It may be infrasound. This is a little know low frequency sound wave. Most people can not hear it. I experience at my home all the time. It is probably not coming from your home. My wife thought I was crazy, until one day the blinds were rattling. Infrosound clings to the ground, it does not loose its intensity as it travels along the ground. Because of its ground clinging effect, infrasonic source can not be located without special appliances. The only thing that works for me when I sleep, is using a small fan, high speed, to mask the sound. The sound appear more active at night, although it may not be heard because of other daily noise activity. From my research into this matter, this sound could be coming from up to hundreds of miles away! Look it up on the internet.

This hum is no fiction. It is present all throughout the Sacramento, CA region, both in the house, the car, and even in the yards. It is also all over Fountain Hills, AZ. It pulses, always the same pitch. This is an obnoxious sound, and certainly must be some kind of FCC violation.
Either that, or somebody has the FCC “in their pocket”. If anyone has any knowledge of the actual source, let me know. This is an unacceptable intrusion into the privacy and tranquility of our homes.

I’ve heard of this before. Here is an article on the subject that suggests a couple of sources of the noise. Get yourself a set of noise canceling headphones to sleep with.

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Or it could be the ghost of Jimi Hendrix.

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