Hurricane Matthew

Major hurricane approching USA… be prepared… be safe. Seems like the effects are being felt here already and it is still almost 600 miles away.

Yup, weather has been crazy here. Stay safe Dave :smiley:

You too Shawn. Dangit I’m booked. Hoping for the best… preparing for the worst!

Looks like my camping trip in the Everglades barrier islands will have to be postponed!

I will take a tornado any day of the week over a hurricane a Tornado is over in 5 minutes or less

You guys better keep your gun power dry stay SAFE

I saw this on the news this morning. I agree, the thing does look eerie.

Yeah freaky satellite image!

I think I’ll be under 70 - 100 mph winds.
House is impact code compliant, got my 150 amp generator, H20, lights, all types of self heating meals, guns and the one thing many forget… toilet paper! he he

Good luck & be safe all.
Where’s Meeker? He’s pretty close to the coast.
Maybe in Disneyland.

EVIL Hurricane Image.jpg

Yeah, gas stations and grocery stores are selling out in the Orlando area.

Water section at wally world.

A bunch of silly frikin’ yankees that have moved to Florida…Let it Blow!
More money in my pockets!
Oh! Yes! I’m a Conspector…
Snatch off those roof’s Matthew …

Good luck stay safe .

Ya gotta live on the wild side a few times in your very short life…Huh?

I did hear you do like A BJ once in awhile .:wink: Have in the wind , take your water wings . PS do not come up here and guzzle the gas and bottle water lolol

Sht ! I can never get enough of that…Huh?
If we ain’t careful Macel will spank us!
I think I’ll say SH
T again just to crank his nerves up a notch…

Well I was a pioneer to move to Florida all alone from upstate NY… in 1969.
Been in some hurricanes since.
How ‘bout you Roy? Sitting up there in the middle of “bum f…ck Egypt”
Ever had to ride one out? :wink:
It really sucks when you’re in a structure all buttoned up in the middle of the night
with the wind howling so loud it sounds like a freight train comin’ thru.
It feels like you’re locked up in a tomb.
Come on down here & help me! Help me mommie!

I’ll report back with a video showing the destruction/damage in my neighborhood.
Should be interesting.

Yea heard there doing evacuation starting tommorow in Palm Coast and Daytona , my 1st experience on a hurricane, I’m not leaving my home

You’re gonna get nailed Jim.
Do you have opening protection?

Looking like one of the worst storms to ever hit the US :frowning:

I am a native. Born at Tampa in January 1953.
Been through them all since that time.
I remember Donna in 1960.

I don’t know what you mean by worst…
But the Galveston storm should fit the meaning…

*" The Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900 was the deadliest hurricane to ever hit the United States and caused between 8000 and 12000 deaths. The storm reached the Texas coast south of Galveston on September 8 as a Category 4 hurricane with a storm surge of 8 to 15 feet."