HVAC wiring

Is this wiring correct correct see pics below

I don’t see a problem they are feeding from the primary to the secondary breaker which probably is just thru the sequencer to the blower motor, are you concerned that you are double tapping if so that is not the case.

Thanks I had the unit running and the breaker tripped and would not reset. I was also concerned with the breaker size as its a 60 and 30 amp haven’t seen that large of a amperage together in a small unit.

Charley, do you think those lugs are rated for 2 wires?

I don’t. The copper and aluminum together (dissimilar metals) is also a potential problem. The aluminum EGC split into two lugs is also not correct.

Sorry Robert I did not pay attention to the Al you are correct

Exactly, I don’t know what Charley was looking at. :wink: