LOST in space, truly is Noah in Canada-land

Even my dumb az is amazed, from time to time.
The incompetence, false claims… unreal. And people hire this guy and others like him? Wow, loool
Noah’s Ark, I mean Noah’s water----diverting…at best, LOTS of luck

He starts by asking, do ya have a wet basement? You have an expensive problem…

Then he actually says, because your weeping tiles are plugged!!!

LOST---------in------------------OUTER-----------space baby!!!

He then incompetently, falsely claims…What you have to do is, dig up all the existing weeping tile around the entire house!

Complete butthead, and he and anyone else like him are, buttheads on this subject.

Each week/month it seems there’s a supposed self proclaimed new guru on this subject, almost always some sort of interior bubblehead.

When I listened to this the first time, i gased-out.

So Uncle Bubba should have been rodding ALL the drain tiles on all leaky basements over the last 35+ years huh and, looooooool, doing THAT would have kept all those basements dry, eh? HHhhhhahhhaHAHAHAA

Thanks for the entertainment today you incompetent bubblehead in Canada

LOST in space theme tune http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YH6j63lhAAc he should have this playing in the background of that stinky, bozo brain video

Here’s one up your way

So they beat and bashed my basemnet wall with a sledge hammer without lifting the foundfation to take the load off the cinder blocks. Well they boke several cinder blocks and created a crack that ran from one end of the wall to the next creating more of a water leak. the crew that did the work were all non- english speaking Mexicans excpet one could speak english. I don’t even think they had green cards to be in this country. Very rude the workers were. One woker did poke my dog because he was barking at him.

When they were done with the backfill it rained the next day and my basement floaded even worse than it did before I hiered this stupid company.

The village idiot rip off here in Michigan, err, one of many i should declare, foundation systems of Michigan.

Hey Mark,

What do you think of the videos by the guy from Hydro Armor? I didn’t see one of his videos working on the exterior of a home. Poor quality video editing. Await your response… :wink:

lool, and some here think i’m a loudmouth, long winded etc, shhesssh. At least i back-up, substantiate what i say/claim, don’t see others doing that, got milk…huh?

Mr. Steve, he’s just another inside terd, seriously. Incompetent and–or a misrepresentative-deceiving chump…on, the other or possibly both, yes sir lool
HERE is a link from not long ago on the HYDRO moron…
https://www.nachi.org/forum/f23/hey-hydro-armor-oconner-you-dont-get-either-86753 <-- there are several of HIS videos here and ummm, my honest-experienced response to some of the crap, false claims, incompetence

Here is Hydro’s webby… ‘Basement University’ huh? hahahhaaa!!
Let’s just zero in on ONE thing on that site for now… where he talks about MOLD, in basements/AVOID Mold Issures… and notice/read at the bottom, HIS diagram that supposedly explains ‘basement waterproofing’, an interior system.

His first sentence about MOLD, claims… “Our basement waterproofing SYSTEMS will ensure your home is protected from potential mold”

Friggin nonsense. Not if he’s talking about installing interior basement systems in peoples homes when their actual problem(s) is 1++ exterior cracks or cracked parging or 1+ openings along–above grade, he’s full of shtt and that is just another false claim or incompetence.

C’mmmon, i do believe most HI’s here know that in order to stop/prevent mold in a basement one better find/identify and then STOP the water/moisture issue.

Here’s some photos/examples of what i mean, where interior basement systems have been installed that did not stop the water from where it was, and still is, entering, hence mold etc…could post many photos or videos of same




And these are just a few where the inside morons didn’t cover most or all of the basement wall w/some sort of plastic etc paneling. Mr Macy and maybe Intergriy W’g has posted some good photos where some of the junk paneling (bright wall etc) the inside co’s placed on the wall was removed

In each case, photos above, and at the very least tens of thousand of other homeowners were told…all they needed was an interior system and the system would stop all water from entering, stop mold etc etc, and each paid at least $7,000, most paid more and in quite a few cases, much more…more than it would have cost for exterior waterproofing.

They were lied to, deceived… problems were misrepresented… period! Yes sir.
They all had exterior cracks, cracked exterior parging and other exterior openings that allowed water to enter, those were the REAL problems.

Many of these interior system Co’s will install plastic etc against the basement wall(s), sometimes they’ll cover just the first block or two from the floor UP, sometimes they’ll cover 1/2 the wall and other times and more and more often these days they cover ALL of the basement wall(s). Why? At least in-part to hide, conceal water that will still enter, hide mold, efflorescence, cracks widening or new cracks etc

Some of these interior bubbleheads use delta dimpled membrane on–against the interior foundation walls for, of course, the same reasons

And we have not yet touched upon what ‘caused’ the cracks or cracked parging or walls to bow in etc that interior systems do nothing about…like in this video, ‘Foundation Problems in Peoli PA’… an interior system was installed and it did not a) stop the water from where it was entering b) it did not relieve, reduce ANY exterior weight-pressure against the foundation wall… see what happened after they installed the cupcake–system

Sorry but gotta say this again, its opposite of what HYDRO dude and many others incorrectly or incompetently claim, drilling holes in blocks (walls) ONLY lets the water that is getting into the hollow-blocks, out.
Drilling holes does NOT ‘relieve-reduce’ any exterior weight or lateral soil pressure against the wall, nonsense man.

Use your brain, water is still going to get into those blocks, through…lol, what i have and John McEwen and a few others…SHOWED you. Exterior cracks, cracked parging, no parging on the exterior blocks, other exterior openings etc. Water is still going to get inside those blocks because… these interior morons do not reapir/waterproof those exterior cracks etc!!! loll oh my.

You don’t relieve lateral soil pressure or other causes of cracks like underground tree roots or concrete slabs or a porch footing etc by… drilling holes on the inside, that is incompetent false, misleading claims

You can reduce a little pressure against a wall by, sure, having the grade sloped away but more importantly as Steven A Smithyy says, you can reduce,relieve more weight/pressure by digging… exterior waterproofing… hauling all of the clay, roots etc away, waterproofing the cracks etc and then backfilling with most–all gravel, NOT by DRILLING HOLES!

Why doesn’t the better butthead bureau have these interior companies substantiate these bogus claims? You know why…$$$
Same thing goes for Angie’s List and Home Advisor and Gary Sullivan and Glen–clear, concise facts- Haege have their lil darlings prove/substantiate their claims. They cannot prove or substantiate these moronic claims but are allowed to continue to use them all over the place in order to bs homeowners further.

Jesus i try to post other links, photos to prove what i say/claim, dang skippy…like…
U S Army Corps of Engineers…posted this many times, they state… “Granular backfills can REDUCE lateral pressure”

Here’s one builder other than Mr Cyr who gets the importance of backfilling with most-all gravel…
6th paragraph… http://www.dwightyoderbuilders.com/concrete.cfm
in part they say, about backfilling with all gravel, paraphrase, ‘This does SEVERAL things…any water which makes its way up against the foundation can easily drain through the gravel down…this is especially important, if not critical, with soils having high clay content. And… this type of drainage (all gravel backfill) prevents trapped water and saturated soil next to the foundation from building up horizontal/lateral soil pressure against a basement wall that can cause cracks, leaks and in worse cases, bow a wall inward’

Those are 2 unbiased links… they aren’t basement waterproofing/foundation contractors eh.
Have posted Fairfax county and others as well, they all state the same things pretty much, as to what TA do.

I don’t see any HI backing up their claims on this-subject, those who yap about certain things to homeowners, you know what i mean.
Don’t see any interior basement system Co backing up/proving their claims.

Yet some here just biattch and moan and cry about Bubba brains, Bubbas posts etc, nonsense, just more nonsense. All I’m trying to do and have done, is post photos, videos and facts, most of which i have tried to substantiate with other links/unbiased opinions, ya feel me, got milk? NOT biaatching at you Mr Steve or most others, just get wound up sometimes loooolll

One more quick link, Jade engineering and home inspection

Not crying about this guy or article… its actually pretty good. However,in the LAST paragraph… i wish he would have added/said, that block, brick basement walls that bow in DO have 1++ exterior cracks and cracked exterior parging (if parging was applied when built) and that those exterior cracks etc will allow water and pests in, which then can cause some mold and–or efflorescence on the inside wall(s).

You can’t and should not only install beams or carbon straps or wall anchor nonsense, nope. He does say, ‘in some cases this may entail excavating…’

Respectfully disagree.
Again, he’s talking about walls that have bowed in so… there will be exterior cracks, cracked parging and they need to be waterproofed. Yeah, he says something about it affords one the opportunity to install a waterproofing-system so, if he means exterior waterproofing (not damproofing, not just a black dimpled membrane either) then he’s a ok.

Again, could post many more vid’s and photos, here’s one… front wall is bowed in 1:20 on… we are in Eastpointe Mich

Block wall is bowed in, and another idiot sold and installed another interior basement system and sump.
There are, as always, exterior cracks etc on these walls that are bowed in…and it’s because of these exterior cracks etc that water enters. The water will fairly often cause some amount of mold, discoloration, efflorescence on some blocks inside duh basement.

And sometimes the mold, efflorescence etc is painted-over, or patched and then painted to hide, conceal this crap

Other times if an interior system was previously installed, some will place plastic etc on–against part or all of the wall so, you won’t see some or all of the existing mold or efflorescence or cracks etc. And other times the basement will be finished, drywall etc so you won’t see mold etc.

Poured foundation wall, bowed in, exterior crack and other openings where the water entered
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyVA73ILPUM we are in St Clair Shores MI
The homeowner could have, should have done the whole wall (best for the entire wall, reducing more pressure against it), but, she’s an elderly woman that didn’t have the funds, got dat? This was indeed thoroughly explained to her

Brick foundation wall, we’re in the big D-----e—troit, basketball! This one was not bowed. Many exterior openings where the water was getting into the basement, uh huh

Somebody, contractor whoever, previously slapped some tar on the exterior wall and backfilled with all of the same crappy soil, not good and will not last!
See the openings around the service-lines, the many gaps etc under the window ledge/sill? Yep, that’s where the water first-entered and caused efflorescence and a lil mold on the inside of basement.

2:35 what was dug out, bricks, concrete etc. One point about this garbage is, it’s not easy digging through it, gotta pick most of it loose and then shovel the junk out. WHY backfill with this crap? Oh that’s right, you don’t understand the importance of hauling this crap away (impedes water from getting down, off walls, it sits in the soil against the wall!!! lool god help us), nor understand the importance of backfilling with all gravel or, don’t give a sht and just want to pocket as much cash as they can knowing, they’ll never come back when leaks/problems occur

So for the nth time, i ask anyone who gives a hoot, show me exactly how ANY interior basement system company would have stopped further water from entering all these exterior openings.
They don’t, they can’t, never. They don’t even bother to first…correctly or honestly identify most, pretty much all homeowners actual problems. And then of course, they don’t repair/waterproof them because duh, the only way to do that would be to do exterior waterproofing and backfill correctly.

I saw one of those videos and just had to give you a little tweak. It sure seems to have worked. :wink:

loolololll sometimes i just can’t help it, start typing and after a tad, bingo… knowing how many peeps been lied to, scammed, yes sir.