Hydro Armor aka Dan OConnor umm bad review, beer cans

Danny, Hi Danny… you there Danny? lol I see Danny slapped on a video from 2016, he popped it on you tube, guess he needs some attention, Mr wanna be Tough guy, read the caption too lol

his recent vid

see if Unc Bubb’s gets a reply or two from Dan or from 1 of his guys who apparently don’t stick around too long, folla? Why? Uh huh (read the yelp NOT recommended revie below link)

Ya see, i don’t care for contractors who lie, who cheat homeowners, can you dig that? No not some, see above who kiss this guys behind

Ok video, lol, i won’t crap on it too much, i like the dog much better than Dan O, of course doggy may help Danny sell an extra couple jobs

So it appears he is digging along a breezeway and one side of garage… ? lol
2:00 digs under walk to side door, ok if that what HE wants to do okay but not me, i would have cut n knocked out 18" or so of that walk, dunno if it’s cracked under the PAVERS n don’t wanna take any chances of it falling on my head or 1 of my guys melons

2:30 lol

2:45 yeah, sometimes blocks deteriorated, disintegrate… that what happens when builders etc don’t apply anything on em but whatever lol (he aka Dan O might have HIT 1 or more of those blocks, folla?)

6:30 that’s it, a couple inches of stone for backfill, then all the same backfill huh, okay Dan O

12:10 Backfilling with equipment, not the best idea, why? Because that soil is going to settle, it’ll pull down the top of the visqueen etc, not good but his job, so be it eh lol (should backfill with most-all gravel you cheap terd)

a few yelp reviews, he has some crappy google reviews too, sorry just saying - does he do some good work? He prolly does, but i can tell for CERTAIN, zero doubt, he does some crap work as well plus imo he scams at least some homeowners outta $$$, yeppers.

HERE, the NOT recommended reviews, one in particular is the first…in-part it goes,
"Do not hire this company… the hot headed psychopath of an OWNER uses shotty makeshift techniques when he starts getting frustrated towards the end of a job… he takes no responsibility n blames it on employess, i shoud know i worked for him…

…also know that anyone who he sends to work on your house has NOT been waterproofing with the company for more than 2 months (loolol), as Dan cannot retain his employees for any length of time with his hot headed temper"… and so on

ok back to Dan’s recent video, the CAPTION lol… in part goes,
'We’ve been real busy but i don’t work on most jobs anymore, only the near impossible ones, he’s 63 and he has THE BEST people working…"

lol, the best people huh, okay, but doesn’t ring true to me, nor to the ‘not recommnded review’ dig?

By the way Danny, if you ever read this tough guy, i’m 62… you and your boys have done mostly INT system crap, that isn’t anything like what we’ve done for 40 yrs, HAND DIGGING all jobs, BIG BIG BIG az difference so save me the crying crap, i recommend you let the dog do all the yapping for you, folla?

Idiots galore in this business, hey Dan O… if you n your guys are that good n so tough, come spend a few days with us, let’s see FIRST HAND, on VIDEO, what you n your boys REALLY got, hey i’ll pay ya’s $ loollll “IF” you can handle the work, i very much DOUBT you can

Thanks for the info, Mark.

Keep doing the great jobs! Your clients, I’m sure, appreciate it. :smile:

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Hello My Friends. I’ve seen a few things here and perhaps u all might consider another possible perspective. At least be open minded that the video Mr. Williams made could be completely false. The job was 80% finished. The last day I was there I got a call from his Home Owner Insurance Company that he was turned down for his claim and that he made five other attempts, each turned down. Evidently he used my paperwork. Red Flag? Originally I was sympathetic toward Mr. Williams about his issues. It was a $26K job and I took only $6,500 deposit. Late that day one of my guys came and said Mr. Williams said directly to him that he didn’t know what he was going to do because he didn’t have the money. It was after 9;00 p.m. Dark. Steve did try to leave the job without my knowing. Long story short I asked for a ten thousand payment. He gave me a check for $2,000 and another for $4,500. So what do u all think was happening? 2 checks? He said he was transferring money.

Monday was a holiday and we were going back Tuesday. Here’s the e mail I received Monday night. He also sent me a video of himself shooting a phone with his 38 Special. And of course both checks were no good.

Monday On Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 3:21 PM, Daniel J. OConnor <hydroarmor1@gmail.com> wrote:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Steve Williams <swilliams.pa@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 3:02 PM
Subject: No access to property
To: “Daniel J. OConnor” <hydroarmor1@gmail.com>
Cc: Anne Day

Hydro Armor,

The property at 158 Bennett Drive Williamsport,PA 17701 has been posted “NO TRESPASSING”. Access to this property is not permitted without express permission of the owner, Steven Williams. Mr. Williams must grant specific permission and must be present at the property should access be granted.

Steven Williams

158 Bennett Drive

Williamsport, PA 17701

U could think he didn’t want me back because of the work? We all have liability Insurance, why not contact and make a claim? Why not? I would have told them the job was not finished and he didn’t have the money. My insurance Company would have checked into it; would have checked with his Home Owners insurance Co. about the claim. Would have gotten Mr. Williams banking accounts and would have seen he never did have the money. Wouldn’t that be insurance fraud?

So Mr. Williams made a video. Why? As an excuse not to pay me? Make it look like I had done damage? But gentleman, if my Liability Insurance Co was called in I would get an opportunity to defend myself and explain what was real. I’ve seen a lot of comments here. Is it OK if I call them attacks toward me personally? So ask yourselves if it’s a professional thing to do. Especially here with a calling me out?

My defense is this. Start with the beer. If there was all kinds of beer drinking on the job would we throw the cans all over the property? I think we’d want to hide the cans don’t u think? Seeded and landscaped? My paperwork says "not responsible for landscaping. Doesn’t yours?

The grading: an obvious first rough grading. - The end of the 2 ft. ADS pipe and how beat up it is. He knows he was going to finish it because I put down 40 ft of it FREE, with stone around and filled. - And the ruts in the drainage trench? He says he doesn’t know what the hell I was doing there? I was installing the 2 ft ADS. ( FREE ) He had that continuous drainage trench along his side yard and wanted it covered over so he could put in a driveway to the back yard. Which brings me to the stone in the yard. Beginning of a driveway stone base? And Top soil saw on him.

The back yard. Look at the dirt on the left he say’s I’m supposed to grade out? It’s the side of the mountain. Not anything we dug out nor anything that could be graded. Watch the video as he walks around to show our wood pile, you’ll see it’s the mountain. It was originally dug out to put the house in. -The wood pile? We pulled the forms off that "RAZOR sharp concrete late at night. Don’t we all clean up and haul at the end of a job? The dents in the aluminum siding do they look like any kind of dents that could b caused by an excavation machine? Or since you might be starting to see Mr. Williams setting me up, could it be Mr. Williams might have done that himself? And the poly going all the way up the wall? The basement windows were coming out and being blocked over. Behind the poly r damaged but repaired block. After windows were out and poly over we were putting mesh on and 2 coats of cement then ad grade to pitch away from house. The settling soil and cracking? Yes when backfilling it was tamped. It rained and further settled the fill thus the cracks.

Inside the basement. Beer cans on the floor? Really? And the water on the floor is from spraying and cleaning it the night before. And as I said, the razor sharp concrete, we pulled off the forms late that night. The water heater and the carbon monoxide? The vent cover? Cleaning up cement on pipe? Give us a break it was 9:00 P.M. and we were supposed to go back Tuesday.

And now the cracked up wall. Watch the video again. There was an original bow in the wall we were going to push back into place but someone had previously put wall pins ( rebar and Concrete ) in the blocks and when attempting to push it back the bow stayed but the top of the wall went out. Which is what we repaired outside and brought poly all the way up. It was decided that we would put in I Beams. “Tuesday.” And the wall was to be cleaned up and painted. There’s more but I hope u r getting the picture.

All that said, if Mr. Williams made a claim with my liability insurance company yet his Bank accounts did not show he had the money to pay for the job and his home owners Insurance co informed of his attempted claim, would that be Insurance Fraud?

And now I have to say there r millions of homes waterproofed from inside. Hundreds of thousands of Companies doing drainage from inside. Mr. Anderson, maybe there r circumstances for doing interior jobs and doing exterior jobs? You have your conclusions that water proofing should be done from outside but interior systems have been around for quite some time. A hundred thousand or so waterproofing Companies can’t all be wrong. The entire Industry can’t all be wrong.

I myself do many exterior jobs when required. I’ve loaded some videos to show you. And to watch the kind of work I do is it possible Mr. Williams video might be a set up so I don’t sue him? I truly do not mean any disrespect and I’m sure u do top shelf work but to be so judgmental and condemning me without knowing the facts? Or allowing me to defend myself?

I’m aware of other judgements on the site. In no way am I being aggressive or disrespectful to any one but I think it is only fair that I have an opportunity to defend myself. Answer a few accusations. Explain with a few more videos?
(https://youtu.be/wvKK2ABd0jM)[Hydroarmor A K A Dan OConnor Foundation Repair]
(https://youtu.be/RgDXk6wxb5E)Hydroarmor I Beams - Structural Foundation SupportHydroarmor - A K A Dan OConnor Foundation Repair/Waterproofing [Hydroarmor Exterior Waterproofing ]

I spoke about I Beams so I included here. Having explained a few things perhaps there can be a mutual respect. - Daniel J OConnor

I would like to add that I don’t think about reviews. Don’t look for. Don’t know where I might be showing up on the Internet. I haven’t joined or had anything to do with Yelp for many years. I don’t ask customers to write reviews. I do have competitors write fake ones. Like years ago when I did Google Ad Words. Competitors would click on my ad and drain the budget.

And yes the video I just loaded was a job from 2016. I’ve 30 or so I never edited. Lots of new stuff also. A few other things not about waterproofing.

I didn’t know u guys were beating me up in here until last Thursday. Brutal. All good though. Professional difference of opinions. I will have to start answering and will support my explanations with videos. Not to prove myself right or you wrong but to provide an explanation of those things u may not agree with. We all have our own experiences and different ways of doing things. Perhaps if I explain why I do whatever I do when u disagree or have a different way of doing things it can be a discussion. And don’t take my videos wrong, I do have my ways but will never say mine r the only ways. You might be doing something I’m not aware of which is better and quicker. I’m not stupid. Always up for saving time and money. Daniel J OConnor

ha! Just like i thought, okay well right off the bat Bubba is going to have to shoot ya down (your bogus claims in your own video… in your own WORDS!), shtt man, i would like to get along with you and ALL others but the INCOMPETENCE on this subject is just too much!

From where i sit after watching many of your videos and the videos originally posted, the job that was done is sad, garbage, not professional AT ALL! And you Dan charged this homeowner $26,000 ??? In my honest and experienced opinion, you waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overcharged this homeowner and quite likely, many more, yeppers! NO way the job you did, that i can see in videos should cost any homeowner anything close to $26K, not surprising though as i see THAT CRAP done all the time, you folla man?

PROOF of incompetence in your own words, in your video… here’s the video again

:20 mark in your video you show… you show an interior system that was previously installed by some idiot

:25 mark, you falsely and INCOMPENTLY claim,
“Had this system been installed properly, this would not have happened”( claiming the wall would not have bowed in, NONSENSE!)

:35 mark, you go on and erroneously claim,
“This is called a PRESSURE RELIEF system, it is supposed to relieve LATERAL PRESSURE”

hahahhaaa, TOTAL incompetence, bogus, false claim baby!!
An interior system, an interior pressure relief system and you or anyone can title it… does NOT ‘relieve lateral pressure against the damn wall!!!’. UNREAL lie or again incompetence, wow!!!

:45 mark, you show a horizontal crack in block wall and again incompetently & ignorantly claim,
“The reason it’s here is because of lateral pressure that SHOULD HAVE BEEN REMOVED by the INT system”

Total nonsense, bogus bs, incompetenr claim! NO interior system, no INT pressure relief system can ‘Relieve lateral pressure on-against the exterior of the block wall’, this is fruitcake crap, you are dreaming or again incompetent with these claims man!

Only means of relieving, removing, lessening lateral pressure on-against a foundation wall is to on the EXTERIOR, NOT interior! You would need to remove the soil and any underground T roots etc in order to relieve lateral pressure.and it is the ONLY means of waterproofing-repairing all the exterior cracks in the wall!!! Installing ANY type of INT system will not relieve lateral pressure and will NOT seal-waterprooff any of the exterior cracks in these walls which are WHY the dumb az basement leaks!!! smfg Unreal, bogus, incompetent crap… you don’t know this man??? lololll hahahhahahaaaaaa

Example if you can fathom it… a tree limb or 2 land on a ROOF, causes damage to the roof, ummm pressure aka weight of tree limb eh lol, what are YOU gonna do?

Would you install a PRESSURE RELIEF system in attic, and a sump pump and carbon fiber straps? lollll

OR are you gonna REMOVE the tree limbs that caused the damage AND then repair the roof on the ummm OUTSIDE so that no water enters , what YOU gonna do bro?

Here’s an UNBIASED article (they don’t do waterprofing or foundation repair eh lol duh!), yes unbiased!

Pages 6 and 7… Damage to Foundation Walls… see their image of F wall BOWED IN, duh!

In-part they say, ‘Based on application submissions and project reviews, the most SUCCESSFUL repair method for foundation walls… is to remove and replace the clay soil with sandy or gravelly materials and to place waterproofing material along the OUTSIDE of the wall…’

Do they tell homeowners to, install an INT system, a PRESSURE RELIEF INT system? Hlll no!
And they try and inform people to ALSO, waterproof the EXTERIOR of the wall… Why?
Because bowed in walls have exterior cracks, BLOCK and brick F walls have EXTERIOR cracks, cracked parging which is why they leak, it’s where the damn water is first getting into the hollow blocks!! sheesh

Don’t forget, quite a few foundation walls have some tree roots growing against the wall or right along the wall, can cause similar problems! So can settled concrete slabs or a porch-footing that can settle against a wall, and that happens loooolll often because the builder didn’t seal/apply anything to the footing to help keep the footing from cracking, deteriorating… when part of a footing for a porch etc begins to deteriorate, disintegrate well then the likelihood of the footing moving, settling against a wall can occur, duh!

Bottom line, the claims i sited in your video are BS, are bogus, are incompetent, INT systems, interior pressure relief system do NOT relieve lateral pressure against a foundation wall, fricken nonsense man!

So if you can muster some real integrity then please explain how YOU came to the moronic conclusion AND falsely claimed in your own video that, ‘interior pressure relief system relieve lateral pressure’, smfgdhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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one more thorough article/report from an UNBIASED source, U S Army Corps Eng’s

maybe sit the hll down for several moments and LEARN something instead of talking crap

Causative Factors, Foundation movement, LATERAL WALL PRESSURE

3.1 sure several things can cause F movement

3.2 lateral wall pressure

3.2.1 Symptoms
The inward bowing of a basement wall is the simplest indication of a lateral pressure problem. The bowing generally occurs when EXTERNAL forces exceed the wall strength… if bowing becomes severe, basement walls can collapse inward.

CRACKING can also occur when stresses induced by lateral pressure exceed the strength of the concrete or CMU wall. The most common originates in the corners (step crack), often these cracks terminate at a long horizontal crack… the thrid crack type is vertical…

3.2.2 Soil weight
… the weight of the retained soil induces lateral pressure on the basement wall

3.2.3 Soil SWELL
…cyclic shrink/swell…

3.4.5 Backfill Modeling results
… granular backfills can reduce lateral pressure

NOT an interior system, NOT an interior pressure relief system… PFTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

Dan O, 3 vid’s of same house/basement… brick basement walls, leaks eh, some efflorescence etc

INSIDE view, see any cracks in walls and, you can’t see/tell on any basement wall from inside if the PARGING on the outside of these walls has cracked, deteriorated or if builder slapped on any parging to begin with, sheesh

Homeowner sadly got talked into getting a new driveway poured and was erroneously told the new pitch of the stupid drive slabs would keep basement dry loollll, MORE incompetent crap, lies, damn straight

2 vid’s of the oustdie of the foundation wall, showing how-where the water was FIRST getting in and it was then see inside basement, most of it coming in where the bottom of the wall meets the stupid floor! had nothing to do with the suppsoed need for better drainage or some goofball idiotic need for a dumb az pressure relief system! smfg again

see the cracked, deterioated parging, loose bricks etc, well THAT is where the water was getting in, why the basement leaked in this area

1:10 mark… here it shows where water was getting in where the gas line and water line comes in through the stupid wall and more cracked parging etc, NO interior drainage system and 101 sump pumps would do anything to stop further water and would not stop further deterioration

This job cost a tad over $3,100, a ONE day job, hand dug, was 45 linear feet… backfilled with all gravel and waterproofed NOT damproofed, ya dig?

Not all is lost Dan, i do agree with you when you said in 1 of your vid’s, something like many city building inspectors are full O sht on this subject.
I agree many are, NOT all but quite a dang few are incompetent, go by codes that were prepared and agreed to by many MORONS who don’t know much if anything on this subject.

Keep the cool dog Dan O, lose the lies and misrepresentative BS, you just might feel better deep inside yourself , maybe not lolll

this is fruitcake crap with 9PM beer cans.
The devil made 'em do it.

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" with 9 pm beer cans", hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! AAAaaahahahahhahhahhaaa!


here is another bowed in block foundation wall, very similar to the one in your video where
a) some other knothead put in an INT pressure relief system, lool, funny, pressure relief… like a fart relief system bruh?

b) then you did the same thing, installed your int-system, smfg

Outside look at the multiple EXTERIOR cracks in block wall that those who install INT systems… leave OPEN!!! They leave em open and these cracks will get worse, widen… all the while this is WHY water is entering causing some mold or efflorescence on inside blocks, bricks etc

another view on the outside, where the settled driveway WAS… see the clay soil man? See what goes back in? Yeah man lool

One day job Dan-O, hand dug… pretty sure it cost $2,700 for all that friggin work n materials

INSIDE the same basement… SAME basement!!! lololll An idiot installed an interior drainage system that cost MUCH more $$ than what exterior cost, buyer moved in, basement continued to leak, why? lollll Because nobody fixed/waterproofed the EXT CRACKS n other ext-openings!!!

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Good Morning Gentlemen, the Steve Williams video is false. The job is 80% complete. I took a $6,500 deposit on a $26K job and last day there, Friday Oct 6,2017 I got a phone call from his homeowners Insurance he was declined for his claim. Unknown to me he used my Paperwork to file a claim to pay for the job. That morning he was very happy. He then left and when he returned was quite different, nervous, anxious. He said to one of my guys he didn’t know what to do, that he tried everything and doesn’t have the money. My guy told me. I went to Mr. Williams and asked $10k payment. If you watch the video and hear the uuuhhh there was a lot of that. He gave me 2 checks, $2,000 and $4,500. Same as his deposit. Before I could say anything he got in his truck and left. it was after 9:30 P.M. Long drive home.

Next day I cordially text that we would be back Tuesday because Monday was a holiday. I wanted Banks open to know if checks were good before confronting Mr. Williams with accusations. On Monday night, 9th I received the following e mail from Mr. Williams.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Steve Williams <swilliams.pa@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Oct 9, 2017 at 3:02 PM
Subject: No access to property
To: “Daniel J. OConnor” <hydroarmor1@gmail.com>
Cc: Anne Day

Hydro Armor,

The property at [158 Bennett Drive Williamsport,PA 17701 has been posted “NO TRESPASSING”. Access to this property is not permitted without express permission of the owner, Steven Williams. Mr. Williams must grant specific permission and must be present at the property should access be granted.

Steven Williams

The job is 80% complete. Watch Video: I do not seed or landscape. Rear wall blocks were repaired, tar and plastic were installed up to bottom of siding. There is a Basement Window that is to be taken out. I left it for the light when working inside basement. When removed and blocked up the new blocks will be tared/plastic and the entire wall wire meshed and two coats of cement. “Clean Finished.” The earth to the left was to be “shaved” down for finish grading next to house, raising grade from bottom of siding down and create swale around the house (6" clear from siding grade does not apply) The earth on left is the side of mountain which rises to higher elevation. Above, over and behind a catch trench must be excavated to divert water and prevent from racing down hill and directly down to to house.

The wood is from a concrete form just pulled off the night before. ( razor sharp edge ) We haul debris at end of job. There was an existing drainage trench from top of hill running down along the side road which is side yard of job. At Mr. Williams request I dug trench deeper, installed 40 ft of 2 ft ADS pipe with stone around and graded over to extend yard for a future driveway. (I did this work with no extra charges) Lower front needed 12" fill to raise and remove area where water collected. Same area of future driveway. I mixed soil with stone to initiate driveway base.

The rear foundation wall had a horizontal bow. Previously someone had installed rebar down thru block cells and filled with concrete. My original intent was to push wall back into place but when attempted the bow remained, top block moved and opened cracks. The wall was to have a pargetting. Cement covering entire wall. At top will b wire mesh, cement, wire mesh, cement etc. to pad out for wall to appear straight. 6 - I beams were then to be installed. Plumbing connections are temporary, changed out with other wall work. Razor Sharpe cement is were forms were removed the night before. Water on floor is from cleaning the night before. Mr. Williams installed Water heater himself but u can see and hear what he says and know it’s nonsense.

Finally, beer cans? Seriously? Looks like I had quite a party. Can ya see me driving all crooked, swinging the bucket around, banging into trees, driving up and down in trenches yeeh haah. Pounding them beers down and tossing empty’s with complete abandon? Ridiculous.

We all have liability Insurance. Had this job been the way Mr. Williams described he could have called them and everything could have been paid for and finished.

So why did Mr. Williams make this video? An excuse for not paying? Justification? Making it public as the ultimate victim for protection from me? Had it been any other contractor he would have destroyed them with this. Suing him is throwing money away, he doesn’t have anything. I let it go and expected it to fade away but Mr. Mark Anderson continues bringing it back to life. I question the why of that as well.

This web site and it’s purpose is a great thing. Didn’t know something like this existed. On line courses to be certified as Home Inspector. It should not be a site to be used to destroy someone’s reputation.

My last reply to Mr. Anderson was respectful and informing. Yet still his animosity. You would think I should just let it go and ignore him but that is not possible now. That video being linked to this web site gives it life across the internet and as long as it remains here it always will. Mr. Andersons rants don’t bother me. A waterproofing Contractor who only does outside work and digs out every job by hand? He mentions a John Bubber and I’ve no idea the connection.

I hope you and other’s understand I have to do something to remove that video link. I’ll be contacting all management executives and Nick Gromicko as well. I’m quite sure this web site wasn’t meant to be used for destroying reputations. I’m also sending this to all who r in this forum. Hopefully get some assistance. Daniel J OConnor

Mark Anderson, I would like to know the name and address of your Company. I’d like it public here with one of your rantings. I’d like it to be for all to see. You do have a lot to say and so should also have nothing to hide. Constant challenges of me whilst hiding behind anonymity. Everyone knows the name and address of my Company and who I am.

Without everyone knowing the name and address of your Company and reputation why would anyone respect or believe anything you say? I for one know you are not nor ever have been a Waterproofing Contractor or any other kind of Contractor. Just a mouth of delusion with nothing better to do than spew out meaningless bullshit from your imaginary world.

You do know, now that I’ve asked for the name and address of your company everyone here might be expecting to know it as well. We’ll all be waiting Mark. Time to man up.

Ok Mark, whilst I wait for your info, since this is a Structural Forum I’ll load up more for u to make a bigger fool of yourself. I do hope they might be educational and perhaps entertaining.

Thanks for your Attention Mark Anderson. Without your ignorance I’d never have considered all this exposure and possibly new subscribers. Daniel J OConnor


Hi again Dan, yooooou Hooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Hey Dan, Marta Feliz has a warranty with you and says you guys are giving her the run around, Marta says water is coming in where you did the work

Dan, Debbie Nickerson said she had 3 cracks ‘repaired’ by you and you DID go back a few times but cracks continued to leak so she hired another company to fix 'em, you gave no refund, hmm

Joy Boison complaint, out $10,000

Carol Stewart?

Michael Gibbs?

Luuuuuu cifer is calling, answer duh phone Dan_OOO

What’s up with Jeff Adams?

Loredana T says, you SUB the jobs out…?
Dan, do you INFORM ALL homeowners that you sub the jobs out?
lol NOT smart at ALL in my honest opinion but then, you r the KING of waterproofing lol

Dan, this F rated complaint goes, “They came to do the job, foreman was very SNEAKY (loolll A hahahaaa!!!), they don’t have permits for the job and inspector didn’t approve the job, they are very sloppy”

Dan, when you put videos on you tube, they are there for all to see if they choose, folla?
HERE’s one, YOUR WORDS… ‘It could have been prevented with an effective basement waterproofing SYSTEM’, really? You think an INT system removes, relieves, lessens lateral pressure, soil pressure off a wall? Oh looolllll that’s right, you stated something like that in other video, got milk?

Dan, how about this woman getting lied to, ripped off $16,900 by INT system chumps

Hmm yeah, i guess sometimes MarrrkkkYYYYY does have a lot to say… eh? loolll

Dan, per your comment that the entire INT system industry can’t be all wrong, eh… yes they can baby!!! The way they go about lying, cheating, misrepresnting most homeowners problems and actual solutions IS a BIG stinking problem, DUHHHH, HELLLLO knock knock

Hey Dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn O, hurry the hll up, i don’t have all day, TYVM

DAN hahahhaa, i found some beer cans in basement of homeowners house here in MI, they hired an INT system army helmet n their basement is still leaking, wondering if that was your guys empties, 10 cents a can, you might need the money LMK

The cartoon is Hysterical Larry. Who’d have thought about that?

Mark, uh, I mean Lucifer, have u considered detox? I think U can detox in just about any Hospital or they can refer you. Then maybe a 12 step program? AA? NA?

Sorry but I only know Jeff Adams and Loredana T. Don’t know the rest and I’ve never been to Michigan. To my knowledge I’m an A+ with BBB. My address is 191 Yorktown Rd. Woolwich NJ 08085. It’s all over the Internet. Comes up on google as house next door, mine’s grey to the left. . Yours address says Detroit Area.

If you moved from Jersey to Detroit than I know who u r. I took the Loredana T job from u but it was not my fault. I asked why I was there. The work being done was really good. Damn good actually. Even if the work sucked I do not make negative comments about anyone’s work. She kept asking about this and that and this and that. How should know, lets call him. My intention was to support and confirm to her. And I said I was the U tube guy. Before I said anything else I got F this, U, It etc. then a hang up. Then she asked if I would please do the job. A swindler playing the victims role and she Totally played me. But if this was your job I took now I know why the constant aggression of yours.

My foreman bought his own dump truck during that job and wanted to b a sub. It was his last job. I do not sub contract. She spitefully canceled her last check,. $768. She’s a caller. Went back 3 times for stupid stuff not mine. Last time I told her I wanted my money. My warranty specifically states it is not in effect until I am paid in full. She considered that nonsense and made her complaint. So?
Jeff Adams was a hacker. Handled. Works for me now. To my knowledge I’ve two people to handle and we’re waiting for good weather. I think someone called yesterday and one person today. And 80% of the time when we send someone out it isn’t about us. Yes people threaten this and that and mostly its a water heater, overhead pipe, leaking washer machine or sink or condensation etc.

Keep in mind we do 3 to 5 jobs per week. Only 3 recently because my Dump Truck South has been getting overhauled. Any more questions?

Do note I haven’t really bothered with you? (That you know of.) Yet u seem to be obsessed with me. Haven’t heard much from John Bubber, curious. Maybe he’s smarter than you? Do you realize u r on a public forum? Slandering me? Costing me money? Etc.? It may not be enough to win a law suit but it will prevent a counter from you for a fraudulent Suit. I don’t want nor need your money but I sure could make your life miserable for a couple of years. Are there any lawyers in here to advise Mark? I mean, Lucifer.

What if I’ve been setting you up? Giving enough rope? With my apology’s? Attempts to explain? Appease? Being nice? Show a video? All the while you continue being vicious? Slandering? Calling me names? Threatening? Do you realize you haven’t used my Company name? Only my name? Making it personal? Not Business? - There’s slander, Physical Threats and now stalking. Oh and the satanic video and calling yourself Lucifer is going to go over well… Pair that with the way and how you write?

You have no idea how deep my pockets r do you? I tossed $10K to my lawyer already. It’s His job locating you and John Bubber. E mailed legal on this site. One with Nick Gromicko or his assistant. Screen Shots and copies of this entire string. Do you know what write off means? What it is? There are Corporate taxes at the end of each quarter and you get taxed on whatever profit there is. So u spend the money on ? Lawyers? Yes u live in Detroit, I think, but no big deal 4 me because I own 2 airplanes. Cessna 210 455ED , Cessna 182 58693 (check FAA) I enjoy flying so

 ![original_file_lock - Copy - Copy (3)|638x500](upload://3yrfL9bf0qguiCk39bHW5bEmarg.jpeg) 

Yes I’ve quite a few toys.

Car, Bikes, Airplanes my pickup and 2 Dump Trucks r all paid for in full. No payments. I don’t like payments so I write a check and that’s that. Remember what I said about write off’s?

When I don’t feel like going out I hang around my house. Shitty pics but

Just the back of my house, yard, deck and u know who. Only Hydrocat, Hydrodog and Me live here. My money only. $10K to a lawyer is only $10K. Another $10K is just another $10K. 3 to 5 jobs per week at avg $9.5k each. $1.5 to $2.0 Million + annually. Grew up w 4 sisters and Mother, no father, didn’t finish high school and no one ever gave me a dime!

Yes Mark u r right, I have a terrible reputation…

Remember when I said this web site gives fuel to that fake video? Well every time YOU link a new one it gives fuel to that. Then Whatever I link also. U have to know how Google works. I can’t upload or link more than 1 or 2 per week. But u can link 2 and I can link 2 so that’s 4 per week. Eventually all my videos will outrank that fake one. See that Mark? uh, I mean, Lucifer?

You have been so focused and obsessed on your mission to be right, prove me wrong and discredit me you’ve missed the whole picture and possible reality of what I might be doing. Think I’m that smart? (still curious about why John Bubber hasn’t chimed in)

I’m in business to make money not friends! You Sure you want to keep fucking with me?

Hi Twinkle Toes!

lol you can threaten me with all the shtt ya like, i’m going nowhere tough guy

physical threats? lol you are hallucinating! Are you drunk man? loll Maybe you need help Dan, have you considered dat?

don’t care one fricken bit how ‘deep your pockets are’, don’t care about your plane or your lawyer, but the dog as i said looks cool, i don’t care one bit where you live, don’t care about your deck, your pool, your bikes etc

Stll waiting on why you said, an interior pressure relief (pffttt fart) system stops/prevents lateral pressure if installed correctly looooooooooooollolollllllllllllllllllolll

Johnny Bubba is right here aka Bubba Milk aka Uncle Bubb’s aka Milk Man

obsessed with you? hahahahhahaaa, NOT!
seems you may be obsessed with me and the honesty n facts, yep yep

have explained why i slapped the video on, duh!! – Dan O, it ain’t slander if its true baby, got dat?

hmmm, maybe Dan O’C is slandering Mark’s honest name and reputation HMmmmm


costing you money? My azz, eh, you just said you have all kinds of green, if anyone is costing you money it is YOU or your crew as some of the complaints touch upon

Your video isn’t the only one i’ve slapped on here, am guessing i’ve called out, n rightly so, close to a thousand other videos of water–diverting contractors who lied, misrepresented etc all kinds of bogus crap and cheated homeowners, folla?

Dan O Connor, do you have a problem with someone calling out scamming, lying contractors, contractors who misrepresent homeowners actual problems and solutions in this business who are cheating homeowners out of thousands of dollars??? Huh??? Do you have a problem with someone who tries to help homeowners searching for some honest answers on waterproofing???

Dan O also said, he doesn’t want nor need Unc MarkYYYY’s money (lawsuit), and Dan could sure make MarkYYYY’s life miserable… hmmmmmm, threat.

Well you do-try whatever the hlll you like big boy. Ya know, i have considered getting help at times, usually it’s when i am sniffing about 2 lbs of coke when i’m on the toilet. Oh DannYYYYY, DannY, Dan-OOOooooOOOOOoo, YOU said in YOUR public video that, installing an interior pressure relief system (fart, sorry farted again EXCUSE me) would stop/prevent a foundation wall from bowing in, cracking, deteriorating = PURE nonsense incompetence or, it was just a lie in the video to get people thinking that was true, which is frigging is NOT!!!

“Spanky McFarland”
it started as salad and lobster thermidor but it turned into an unspeakable horror!

what did he say? lol see Dan, giving you a lil exposure

how 'bout this one

Drilling stOOpid weep holes on the inside, does NOT relieve pressure OFF of foundation walls!!!

The water that gets inside the blocks is getting in those blocks because there are exterior cracks, cracked parging, no parging etc in ext-walls sp, drilling holes on the inside allows the water that GOT into the blocks, out onto floor, that’s it.

FURTHER water will get in those blocks, and continue to pass through the blocks n sometimes deteriorate some blocks until the exterior cracks etc are correctly waterproofed. Installing any INT drainage system only allows the water that will still get in the blocks, out… the water that continues to get in the blocks after the INT system is installed can continue to deteriorate the blocks, oh yes indeedy!! Especially the BOTTOM course of blocks, dang skippy. Need to ‘stop’ the water from getting into the blocks to stop any possible deterioration, disintegration of the blocks

And lol, drilling holes inside does NOT, remove, relieve, lessen lateral pressure against the wall!

Apparently Dan doesn’t see, understand this entire picture/subject! Or maybe he does but since he’d rather inside INT systems, he doesn’t inform homeowners about it cuz installing interior drainage systems is much easier work than exterior waterproofing, you need better laborers to do EXT waterproofing ( they deserve more pay which means less money for the owner of company, don’t forget the cost of materials imvolved with EXT waterproofing which also means less money for owner of company) sooooo the owner of waterproofing company makes MORE $$$ installing these INT systems, so duh its more beneficial to the owner of company, NOT to the homeowner, do YOU understand friggin stand these honest facts?

Drilling holes does not relieve, lessen lateral soil pressure, does not remove lateral pressure from possible underground tree roots that grow along-against some foundation walls n crack walls n help push a wall inward and cause leaks , drilling holes inside does not remove, relieve possible pressure against the wall from settled driveway slabs or a porch footing that can settle-lean against the wall

Say one more time because lol, too many lie about this or use bogus claims like this to THEIR advantage to bs homeowners into installing their interior drainage system, YEP!..
drilling holes in blocks from inside DUH basement will allow water that is getting in the blocks on-from the outside, out onto the basement floor. Drilling holes inside does NOT relieve pressure off-of the exterior of the foundation wall

And some are thinking, well… isn’t it a good idea to let that water out Uncle Marky?
Ummm, yes, IF and when water is inside some blocks then sure… drill some holes in the blocks and let that water out BUT… if you don’t STOP the water from getting INTO the blocks on the outside then, heLLLLLLOOOOOOO, water will continue to get in those blocks, NOT good for the blocks or the mortar joints! And what about the possibility of RADON gas that can-does get into block walls through, lolll, the same exterior cracks n other ext-openings!!! HeLLLooOOoOoO!

So of you leave those drilled holes OPEN on the inside of basement, which THEY do… then that simply allows the possibility of radon gas an easier, quicker avenue into basement, isn’t that nice, just what the homeowner wanted in their finished basement, some finishing the basement for a bedroom for their kid

And don’t forget about MOLD, what does mold need? Moisture, water… are INT systems and drilling holes inside STOPPING the water?

Hey Dan, i just talked to JohnYYYY Bubber, he sends his love bro

Dan… some don’t think water can deteriorate, disintegrate blocks???
Looooookie here
CLICK the photo to ENLARGE the photo, dig?

What continues to happen to walls like this when an idiot doesn’t recommend EXT waterproofing and insists-recommends to homeowners they just need an interior basement drainage system, you tell me.
WHAT? It’ll be fine if the homeowner installs carbon fiber straps inside or beams or wall anchors???
Your outta your minds lol, the blocks, the wall will get worse, sheesh, knock knock!!

SAME HOUSE!!! The wall is already BOWED IN, smh Incompetent, morons

—Again CLICK on the photo to enlarge
Dan… SAME house, see the expansive CLAY soil? Yeah that, and some underground tree roots against the wall caused much of this damage… they were talked into pouring concrete ON TOP of the clay soil before this work was done, well lolllll THAT concrete didn’t help chumps, WHY???
Because pouring that concrete, additional WEIGHT ON TOP of the clay soil added more lateral pressure against-the-wall!!!

sometimes i take some of the roots and make a cross with duh roots and place the cross IN the clay soil just in case a driver or two passing by wants to pray, folla???

This homeowner called 2 other companies out, one they said was B Dry who told the homeowners they needed an INT system that would have cost more $$$ than what the ext waterproofing cost and again, what good would an INT drainage system have done Dan? Dan?? Dan???!!!

You can’t have any puddin’ if you don’t eat YER meat soo, go ahead and reply again, cry again and prolly threaten again

Did have a brief conversation with my friend who’s my lawyer and now knowing more about you he says I’m an idiot for bothering and he’s right. Too much bullshit, waist of time and throwing money away.

At first I was angry about the fake video and what was being said. Mostly because this web site was fueling it to keep coming up. I didn’t realize all the video’s you and I have linked are now getting more views and overcoming the fake one. But more than that I now realize my videos have a lot to offer here on this site. As I link more my Internet Authority will skyrocket. An incredible amazing discovery and I have you to thank.

No one nor any video will ever alter your perspective no matter how many hundreds of millions of people disagree with you. It’s all about perspective and everyone has a right to their own.

I do really like this web site. There are lots of forums and as I’ve read a few there are many things about Home Inspections I wasn’t aware of. Plumbing, heating and electric issues I didn’t realize. Codes have changed, devices have changed. Good stuff in here, and people.

Being a certified Home Inspector can be a really good side job for a lot of people I know. My sister Bonnie for one. She’s a people person and would really enjoy it. A couple other people I know also.

I’ve never really bothered with Facebook or twitter or any of that nonsense but in here is common ground. Think about that. People somewhat on the same page. Codes and issues are different in other states also.

I’ve heard all you do is bash people. For me it’s turned out to be a very good thing. Exposure. My salesman up North had 3 estimates Tuesday, 3 Wednesday, 2 Thursday and 2 today.

So that’s that Marc. Feel free to continue with your crusade. I’ll leave you with a last video which is a long one but everything u want to know about cause, result and repair of Basement Waterproofing and structural issues. Don’t watch it,. You’ll either have a heart attack or your head will explode.

Hydroarmor A K A Dan OConnor - Wet Moldy Basements & Foundation Damage - Cause and Effect

How do you like those key words Mark/Lucifer/Bubba? Presently 45,218 views.

Thanks again,
Your Eternally Grateful, ? - Daniel J OConnor

why don’t you answer the EASY questions i asked? yeah i know why

‘brief convo with lawyer’ hahahahaaa!!! yeah sure ok, tough guy with threats one day, oops poof, convo w/lawyer and now gone the next!

Dan, you and other companies drilling holes in blocks does NOT ‘relieve’ pressure off any foundation wall, yet you apparently shuffle this lie, myth around year after year

and the BBB, A or A+ ratings? Doesn’t exaclty means a whole bunch pfft

example here, BBB gives them an A+ rating… really??? Friggin complaints and those are just the ones who
a) bothered to complain, many homeowners do not
b) those 22 complaints THEY list are just within the last 3 friggin years buddy boy, unreal!

And yet an A+ rating??? READ the complaints tough guy

and then you post words about HI’s, why? Trying to kiss some azz on here, get some to agree with you? lolll yeah I don’t kiss anyones azz, if they don’t like me i could care less… the facts are just that and you n other INT system companies misrepresent facts, omit, obscure facts to homeowners now don’t ya!

I bash cheats, liars etc who take advantage of homeowners you moron!!! ‘His internet authority’, what a chump.

add this to ‘amazing discovery and thanking Unc Bubba’… in my honest, experienced opinion, if i were a homeowner in New Jersey or Delware etc who has a leaky basement i would NOT call YOU, i’d find someone much less arrogant and someone who isn’t going to misrepresent ANY of my problems, true solutions.

the video i posted, check out some of the COMMENTS under the video on you T

homeowner has a speech impediment and some of Dan’s followers/crew whatever, you know, some of those subscribers of his actually make fun of the homeowner!! Go ahead, read a few.

Read them? See how they crap on the homeowner?
How they actually make fun of his speech impediment! That is some very sad crap.

So Dan, you have said, arrogantly imo, that you have DEEP POCKETS so if what this homeowner has said, showed in video is mostly true, why didn’t you sue him? You know, like how you threatened me lol sheesh

Is it the problem Dan that much of what this homeowner has said n shown, is TRUE? yeah
Maybe the homeowner should sue you, too bad he doesn’t have the green

Is your problem with me that, what i wrire about, and post videos about is… true and goes AGAINST what you have been telling, selling homeowners? HUH? lol yeah

“Mr Lighter Than AIR”, sheesh i wonder if Dan can fly both planes at, DUH same time

We LOVE you Dan, you duh man, we LOVE you Dan you duh man!!

Dan’s video says-claims in-part, Drilling weep holes in block walls relieves pressure off of your foundation walls…
Play stupid games win stupid prizes

Why didn’t they ADD, say, in video that drilling holes in block foundation walls allows the water that is getting into the cores of the blocks, OUT, onto the floor and that the water inside the blocks is getting in because there are 1 or more exterior cracks etc in the block wall… why can’t the interior system contractors give homeowners the whole truth huh? yeah lol

Why don’t the INT system people inform homeowners that the water getting in their block walls through ext-cracks etc can ONLY be rectified, STOPPED by proper exterior waterproofing n backfilling… WHY don’t they inform homeowners of this, of ALL the facts? Yeah yeah, some of us know why

I could go on with other facts and problems these interior systems do not address but Dan has enough on his plate now so let’s see what HIS answer will be, yep want to give anyone a more than fair chance to reply to factual, easy questions, ya DIG?

Here is another video from that homeowner, inside basement, slop job, see the comments below you t vid,

You saw the outside of this homeowners house, the job, right? lol

So somebody also installed an interior dirt bag system plus the crap done outside

Couple of the you tube comments from ‘Dale’ obviously 1 of Dan’s guys/subscribers

Homeowner/Steve wrote, ‘Dan never showed up until 3 days into the job, just a crew of very nice latino workers, Dan showed on the 3rd day hungover as hell…’

One of the problems i see is that they backfilled with same dirt etc, should have been backfilled with most-all gravel… for $26,000 ? lol Didn’t have enough money for gravel? $26,000 imo overpriced, , i dunno maybe to help pay for a new plane 4 Dan or maybe to hire someone to go around after jobs and pick up the empty beer cans

If Dan insists i will try and find the video that shows more of the exterior, the sloppy visqueen and so on.

Say this tidbit of truth again, just because the BBB gives some contractors an A++++ rating, to me, means nothing, not a thing, does not at all mean the homeowners aren’t getting ripped off, lied to, and a 1/2 azz job