I'm Outta Here....

I’m leaving tonight. I’m taking my family to Aruba for a week. I need to get out of this damn cold weather. I’ve lived here all my life but I’m beginning to hate the freakin Snow. So for those of you who live in those cold snowy states, I’ll be thinking of you while I’m laying back and slowly sipping all those umbrella drinks. Not.

I’ll post those awesome sunny pictures when I return.

Bye now.

Have a SAFE and HAPPY trip. I am sure everyone will pray for you and your family having a safe trip and a safe return.

Have a great trip David.

I won’t be surprised if Aruba has its first snow storm during the next week.

Safe trip. Bring back the sun & warm weather.

I am jealous- Have a safe and fun trip!

With my work schedule a vacation lately as been a 45 minute lunch break

Truly have a great time- Hope to see you at the National Cobference.


Safe and Happy trip David! Have a great time and bring back lots of pics!


You have time to take a lunch??? LOL
I suppose you head home around 5pm too eh? LOL
Must be nice!

Have fun Dave


maybe by the time you get back I will
have more of this figured out


!asmile.gif Hey that one worked :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Have fun Dave, dont get burned!!

You bumb

very nice

You just had to go and ruin my winter enjoyment now didn’t you.

Have a great trip!

Yeah have fun David. It’s only been cloudy in Chicago for 15 straight days. I’m serious. :mad: