I am going to start wearing a helmet during my inspections

Did an inspection yesterday and as I was walking the roof, I saw what looked like a nail pop. As I got closer, I noticed that it looked copper in color. As I bent down to take a photo, it just didn’t look right so I grabbed it with my fingers. It came right out and to my surprise, it was a bullet lodged in the shingle.

Yep, I think a helmet is in order!

I have yet to write gunfire as damage to a home.

I always find those after New Years in the hood

It is a shame as folks die that way every year :frowning:

Morons and guns sure do not mix.

Happy New Year Dennis, Hope all is going well for you so far this year. How did the little inspector enjoy his first New Years Eve?

Maybe it was someone standing their ground…

The stand you ground law is not a joke. It can save the lives on the innocent from the animals that are on the lose in our world.

Those that do not protect themselves or preserve the right for others do do so are idiots and pay the price.

Did it penetrate all layers? or just damage the single?

You are allowed to defend yourself in every state, the “stand your ground” law gives wannabes who are carrying the opportunity to push the envelope.

You might want to re-read the law.

Try reading http://www.amazon.com/Firearms-Ownership-Authoritative-Explains-Self-Defense/dp/0964195852/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1389493285&sr=8-2&keywords=florida+firearms+law+use+%26+ownership

For the record I carry because a guy I help convict of murder, is out of jail. The best part he is not even a US citizen. Do you think 911 will help me when I need it?

Not a chance. Just be sure not to push the envelope when protecting innocent folks :roll:

911 is a great number to call after I’m done defending myself. Hopefully at that point someone other than me will need it…:slight_smile:

Keep that pic and submit as defect of the year or one for Marcells commentary contest

Good spot, looks like a 9mm FMJ. I would just note it in the report as “replace damaged shingle due to bullet penetration”

I do not believe we will be doing that anymore because of a lack of participation.

The police usually show-up to take the report. Did you notice that they open carry? This is to protect themselves, not you.

As far as stand your ground; why should I have to leave my car, work or home rather than protect/defend myself?

Seriously, I should, as a free American and a human be required to run away from an attacker? That is dangerous, degrading and irresponsible. If all criminals believed you would not fight back, crime would be out of control. It is simple basic fact of human nature. If someone could tell me how to change human nature I would then listen.

Bet the potential buyer thought twice about the area!

I disagree completely. What stand your ground does is help protect someone who was lawfully trying to defend themselves from unreasonable prosecutions because some overzealous prosecutor tries to make the argument that they could have gotten away if they simply tried harder.

The thing is, it is actually a good area. Not too far from you and me.

It is a Winter Park address.

The tip of the bullet just dented the sheathing but appeared to have gone all the way through the shingles and underlayment.

Trying to explain it to fools is a waste of time. f-em if they are that stupid. I hope they are the ones that pay the price. Maybe then they will wake up…Maybe?