I am sure glad I found the mark this forum read

Best tool ever because all this logo stuff SUCKS.

Get off the stick and make them their own section.

I know it is easy as pie because I now have my own board at http://www.whogrowsit.com/phpBB3/

It really ruins the misc board :frowning:

Boy, you are brilliant Mike. It’s no wonder you drove your construction business into the ground.

It is not dead yet.

It sure as hell was not me.

All the builders I worked for went out of business.

I am still working with the one in business now.

It shows how little you know about the construction business.

You can only provide services if there are people who need them. You should only provide services if you can make a profit.

Here in Florida both options are pretty much dead.

But at least we now have 7000 more geniuses that are automatically just as qualified as General Contractors, Architects and Engineers :slight_smile:

Soon in Florida a Licensed home inspector will be able to build homes. You ought to come on down and join the party.

I’ll be there in May, but just for a 1 week vacation. It’s tough enough to compete with 3,000 instant experts here.:wink:

Enjoy :slight_smile:

It will be hot as hell.

I invite you to crawl around in a few attics and do some site seeing so you know the crap we have to do on a daily basis.

It will sure make you appreciate where you work.

Wow, you really are delusional. “General Contractors” in the same category as architects and engineers? Really? How many years of college were you required to attend to obtain your GC’s license?