I Guess I Missed The Memo On This One!

This is what happens when you get busy and don’t pay attention. When did we start having to pay for Nachi TV?:wha?:

Nick has been watching FOX News and reading the far out RWNJs on the message board and has come to agree that too many people are getting something for nothing. He is out to change that. Shut up and pay your way, like a good American.

I thought I was on your ignore list?:stuck_out_tongue:

When I leave the cesspool of NFE and read through other threads, I will temporarily remove the mental midgets from “ignore” to make better sense of the thread. I thought, by its title, that this one was worthy of reading…but I was mistaken.

Just another member looking for a handout.

Thanks for pointing that out. Now I have to redo my home page.

Stupid, remember that I didn’t complain about this. I made a comment that led to a question. Stop looking for trouble.

You will also be charged for the articles soon.:slight_smile:
Why else would you be encouraged to add them to your site.:slight_smile:

New question…

What is the difference between a member benefit that is included with your membership fee, and a handout?

I had to redo my website the few videos that I had added to it no longer work.

Since 2007.

But because of the tight economy, many inspectors were finding it tough to come up with hundreds of dollars to take a video course. So… we removed all the fees for all the Pay-Per-View courses (some of which were as much as $499.00 for a single video course). We dropped the price to nearly nothing. You now get ALL of NACHI.TV and all the Pay-Per-View, state-approved online video courses for only $8.25/month.

Like Mark I was under the assumption that the majority of nachi tv was a members benefit that was included in the membership fee. Oh well now folks are having to redo websites…I guess they were bored anyway.

Nope. The courses have always been Pay-Per-View. But they were simply too expensive… and so we had to make changes to make them more affordable.

The cost of some of the Pay-Per-View courses did keep me from participating. I have no problem with the new format, and think it is a better idea.
Like the initial post however I too seem to have missed the anouncement of the change if there was one. There was an initial shock in finding out accidently.

I think the change should lead to a more educated inspector having open access to all the video content for a flat fee.

We also deleted a lot of the old vendor-promo content (which was free) and added new training episodes.

Many of the instructors get (and have always gotten) a small royalty (from NACHI.TV) for helping produce various training courses/episodes and so (because of those obligations to them) we couldn’t drop the price to zero… but we got it down to dang-near zero. I think it works out to pennies per hour where as before many of the video courses used to be hundreds of dollars each.

Almost nothing in this world is free. If it is, it is free for a reason. I need to become a contractor, inspect homes for free, and then make thousands of dollars on home repairs, needed or not. Dan Bowers and I have experience at scre*ing people. Perhaps we can make videos and sell them for $199 each to all of the newbie inspectors so we can train them on how to make money by being a “contractor” here in Kansas.

NACHI.TV is not a part of InterNACHI and so has always had to generate its own revenue through different means (Pay-Per-View, vendor advertising, pre and post-roll clips, donations, etc.) to keep itself alive. The subscription-based model reduces member’s cost/course dramatically.

We have 8 new online video courses being edited and when released they will also be included at no cost.

Editing is still the slowest part of production with each minute of show requiring roughly an hour of editing time (ex: An 8-hour video course takes 11 weeks of editing).

This year, we will also be adding our new hi-def, zoom-in feature to the new NACHI.TV site.

If a person signs up, with credit card, how many years or months are they billed continually? How can the billing be stopped?

Subscription Type:
$8.25/month (billed yearly at $99/year)
$9.99/month (billed monthly)

You can sign up for 1 month, take tens of thousands of dollars of certification video courses, and then quit and never be billed again. It really is a super deal.

How does one “quit”?