Learn how to get business and stay busy. Colorado Chapter President reveals all.


How much cut do you get for us paying to watch his video?

Another fee based video…Thanks anyways.

Nick is not making any $$$ on any of this. He’s told me so on these boards many times…and called me the biggest liar in the home inspection business for even mentioning he’s making $$ from INACHI

Be they free or ppv, NACHI.TV’s costs are about $450/min on the shorter shows and as little as $100/min on some of the really long in-studio shows. This one was shot on location. There is roughly an hour of editing time for each minute of the final show. No commercials.

We can provide one like this for you for roughly 1/1000 of cost. If you are competing in the home inspection business, getting the condensed version of the best of everything one of our industry’s most successful inspectors has to offer you… for $29.95… is an absolute no-brainer. Maybe the all-time no-brainer of all no-brainers in human history.

However, if you are swamped with inspection jobs and your fees are high, this show isn’t for you. Save your $29.95.

I can’t figure out the resistance to paying a little bit to see an educational video. Even if you only take away a handfull of information you can use, you use the information over and over again. I don’t know what it costs to produce these videos–take Nick at his word, it sounds reasonable and expensive. Why should those who produce the product not be paid? If you don’t want to buy it don’t. All I’m saying is that it seems cheap enough that there is no reason to complain about the cost. If Nick makes enough money to keep the operation going and still stick a turkey under his tree–good for him. I hope he makes a million dollars just like I hope we all make a million dollars. When was the last time anyone gave away a home inspection?

Furthermore the actual price point for NACHI.TV is closer to $100. Price point being the price charged such that the number of shows sold at that price maximizes return. Or in other words, the price such that fewer shows sold at a higher price is less and more shows sold at a lower price is less.

I’m just able to get NACHI.TV to delay raising the price up to the price point and delay marketing the show until I first offer it to InterNACHI members on this message board for a while.

Anyway, I’ll tell you a funny story that Jim told me during www.nachi.org/stucco2008.htm Roughly 1/2 the members in our chapter are busy and 1/2 aren’t and are struggling. So Jim hired a business coach to come to our chapter meeting and help our members. The chapter charged something like $30 per head to cover the man’s costs (we normally don’t charge for our local meetings). On the night of the chapter meeting, all the wildly successful inspectors showed up. Some members in our chapter take home $250K a year. Our members who complain about the economy and regularly complain about their lack of business, all stayed home that night. Jim didn’t understand what was going on so he started calling them. They mostly all gave the same reply: They didn’t want to pay the $30. :roll:

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” - Ben Franklin

I am having problems attempting to log in and purchase this video…anyone else having problems?


I would think that our membership dues would be enough to pay for this type of education to be free to us all and the non-members should be charged a fee. The local STAHI organization I belong to holds these educational training sessions once a month for its members and the costs comes of our $100 a year dues.
Agreed the $30.00 isn’t that much money if you get something out of it. I have just been bogged down with Christmas and all the dues that are due before the first of the year, with our tough economy right now its been a rough month.
Sorry about the bash Nick!!

Same for me also

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Sorry about the trouble. I’ll try to have it fixed shortly, but I might not be able to get it done 'till after Christmas.


It’s Free.

and your welcome, Dave. :slight_smile:

Ben is it free for everyone now or just Dave?

Free and open to all!

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You changed to to a FREE video.

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Thank you ben. Nice video

We spent today reimbersing everyone’s credit card for those who purchased the video.