I heard that CAHPI-BC's officers ALL lost their seats.

Wow. Not a lot of happy campers over there.

It appears that the entire ‘national’ programme continues to collapse. Small wonder so few are willing to invest their hard earned dollars in an attempt to be ‘certified’.

…and you can bet this association requires a forensic audit too!

What ever happened to CMHC, CAHPI National and the NCA coming to our rescue?!?!?!

You’d think after all the dollars spent by CMHC, CAHPI National, the NCA and ALL the Canadian inspectors that there would be a unified voice to thwart things like the licensing fiasco in Alberta?

Even PHPIC was left out in Alberta.

Is CMHC recognizing the disaster of chapters like OAHI and has decided to take a back seat to their investment…to allow / promote licensing? Interesting to say the least.

Au contraire !!

Rather than adding to any ‘collapse’ of the NCP, the outcome of the elections will help with its revival. The old guard were tossed for making many decisions without consulting the membership. One of those was the cancellation of the NCP and its refusal to recognize or work with the NHICC.

The newly elected executive have already contacted the NHICC for a meeting to see how they can work together in continuing the growth of the NCP under the NHICC.

The new executive is membership oriented, unlike the previous bunch, and they want what is best for the CAHPI-BC members. They recognize, and it was confirmed by the election, that their members will benefit by having a strong, well-respected national credential to compliment their CAHPI RHI.

It’s called demaocracy, and although it is sometimes slow, it works.

Bill Mullen

Roy said:
Even PHPIC was left out in Alberta.

So was iNACHI, so what ?

Bill Mullen

Sorry you have been left out of the loop about Alberta To bad you are not a member or you would know just how well INACHI has been excepted . Lots of great information on the NACHI Canadian site .
Claude is still a NACHI member so I expect he know how well INNACHI has been excepted in Alberta .
So sorry you decided to not Follow the INACHI Rules you might have stayed a member .
I remember how you promised three times to fix your web site ree INACHI and you never did .
I am not surprised you have many times shown your word is not always the best .

All the best Bill … Roy

So many:



Maybe you should check the facts.

The CMI, which Nick has many times stated is NOT an iNACHI designation, was accepted in Alberta. He has made it very clear that the CMI certifying board is not connected to NACHI and is an independent entity.

The iNACHI designations and standards have NOT been accepted. iNACHI and Master Certification Board are two very separate, privately owned entities, and that had been emphatically stated by Nick and others many times.

Bill Mullen

Gee Bill it is you who is not up to date, no where on our previous posts was CMI mentioned .
You again are way out of step , but Thanks for trying Bill ,do appreciate hearing from you once in a while … All the best … Roy .

Too bad you are not able to see what is really going on with INACHI .
You choice to be on the wrong side of the fence .
Indecently Bill how are you making out with Finding the Money badly spent by CAHPI ???

Well, you should be mentioning CMI, because that is the only credential related to Nick G. that was given any recognition by Alberta.
INACHI was left out in the cold, but of course now Nick will ‘generously’ use his CMI to help thoise he threw under the bus earlier.

Heck already the number of CMI’s in Alberta has doubled. (Amazing how quickly those applications can be rubber stamped (opps, reviewed) when there’s $ 1,000. on the table for each one)

As to your last question, the answer is that we are doing great. In fact, some of the perps have been punished already by losing their seats in BC, and there will be more.

Maybe you can clarify the CMI / iNACHI matter.

Is the Master Certification Board a part of iNACHI or not ??? Their Tax Return says it is not.

Bill Mullen

Bill I received a letter this week and was told that a PHPIC member wondered why he was so stupid to take the NCA course and how the Member ship at PHPIC is shrinking as nothing is happening .
Bill I give a big plus at least you tried to improve things .
It is unfortunate your self appointed group was not more open .
I am sure it could have succeeded if they had gone in the correct direction and had been more open to all in our industry .
Bill I do appreciate you visiting NACHI to get the facts .
It is unfortunate this is the only open forum where information is freely traded .

Just can’t answer a simple question can you ??

Is the CMI part of iNACHI ??

If it is, then Nick has mislead everyone, and based on the Tax Returns, I do not think he has.

If it is not, then iNACHI has no recognition in Alberta.

Whoever that unnamed PHPIC member who contacted you was, (if there reallly is one) you should tell him there is no such thing as an NCA course, so if he took a course thinking it was an NCA course, he is without a doubt a bit stupid. You could also remind him that PHPIC and the NHICC are two very independent and distinct organizations.

I have no idea what is happening with PHPIC, because I am not on their board. I do know, however, that they are very active and the numbers are not declining.

Bill Mullen

Bill you are making my Day I have just been funning with you by giving you exactly what you have done for years ,
You have evaded non stop , I know so little about the secret self appointed group PHPIC I expect it is I who have got it all mixed up ,But I did get a letter.
You are so quick to make incorrect statements and call me and others a liar when it has been you who does not give out the facts and makes incorrect statements .
All the best Bill it is great to give you exactly what you have done for years .
Bill I want to that you for getting me back in as a NACHI member I do appreciate that big time , All the best… Roy .
PS Bill it is not nice to lie (" I have no idea what is happening with PHPIC ")