$55 State Farm Insurance Inspection




Link not working, hit space bar after you paste it. And they can have it!! At this point I would not leave my office for that.

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I tried to Google search different terms & came up with nothing.

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Still cant open it but i get the point. The problem is many will still bend over and let the insurance companies shove that pole where the sun dont shine. If you guys would stop doing these at those ridiculous prices you might be able to control your destiny. Keep doing them and the insurance company will control you .

Here it is. We charge an extra $50 to fill this out. Not $55 for the job. I will stay home and talk to you guys for that much. It is from Roy Lewis


Stand alone 4-Pt or Wind Mit are $150 .

The inspector only gets a small percentage of the $55.00 fee. These aren’t real inspectors, they are unemployed people trying to put groceries on the table.

You’d be making $12.00 an hour on a good day.

I would not be surpirsed if State Farm is subsidizing them at that price. That way they are quaranteed to get what they think they want. I have watched these guys. The inspections take about 15 minutes each.

I know of one guy working for a cometitor of Mueller. He does 10 inspections a day. All customer contact is from the company over the internet. He works Mon - Fri, no week ends and is making $2000 per week. All he does is take the pitures. The office fills out the reports. Do the math. That is 1.5 inspections per hour. That is without drive time or any associated paperwork. The whole system is a farce

Mueller is a subcontractor getting 55. They usually pay like 12 to 15. Ive done all type if inspections but the insurance ones are by far the worst. They pay the least and want the most. Il never even entertain the thought again.

I don’t leave my office for less than $150. And then only if it isn’t too far away.

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]What kind of dumb question is this on that form?
I would never fill it out for them[/FONT]**
****Is the property owner/resident aware **
of the main shut-off valve location?

They can have them all :slight_smile:

This is great, I get about 1/2 a dozen requests for State Farm Four Points a year I will now direct these clients to Mueller Services Inc, 1-888-876-0060, thanks.

I got out of the retail insurance inspection business when the ConSpectors invaded our profession and never looked back. Today I give away Citizens Four Points and Wind Mitigation Certificates to my home inspection clients as necessary, except for State Farm which we decline. I don’t charge for a form I don’t own, but I do charge for my time.

Thanks… Mueller Services Inc :smiley:

Because you are doing an underwriting inspection for them. They don’t send there own people out or hire a third party company for them. That is why when I get request for them they are a higher price for the 4-point. In two years I have only done 2 of them. But you are merely doing a risk evaluation on the dwelling.

State Farm had to find somebody willing to them. After doing a few and State Farm either denying coverage or sky high rates the clients call me wanting it on another form so they can get coverage with another company I quit doing them all together. It’s not worth the hassle. I never recommend SF either.
Bottom feeders like Mueller do serve a purpose.

I would recommend anybody that currently does 4 Pts to inquire from the agent exactly what they “require”, as I have had a few tell me they must have pictures of every outside wall, inside wall and ceilings, rooms, pool deck, etc.,
usually after I have completed the typical 4 Pt inspection and they want me to go back (for free).

I tell them that none of that is germain to a 4 Pt inspection but rather its an underwriting or sink hole inspection and I do not do that for free!

I am tired of the expectation that the insurance companies (agents) can expect us to do their job for them or at the very least do more than is actually required.

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