55 page wind mit

I actually just saw a 55 page wind mit. What the hell is wrong with the big companies. Oh yeah they give everything away and keep agreeing to more and more and just make the hired help do more and more for the same pay. Disgusting.

How the hell do you even do that?! Why would you do that? That’s crazy!

Probably an Inspection Depot report. They like to include everything including glossaries and a bunch of other fluff.

I think so had inspection in the name but I do not remember and will not look.

Michael what’s pissed you off lately. you ain’t been yourself lately.

Basically people and idiots in general that think they know anything and are nothing but sheep. Our Government and even though votes went well nothing will change. Most importantly I am stuck doing a job for and with folks I do not like for low pay because our State has allowed any Tom, Dick, or Harry the right to do what I do. The fact that you can’t just beat someones a s s like you could in the ole days for running their mouths. The fact that this is the only time of the year I do not hate insurance inspections and they slow down quite a lot. The fact that it is me against the whole world yet my hands are tied and I cannot fight to win. On paper I did everything right in my life treated people like gold and did no harm. Yet I got f u cked by every large company I worked for and every person I took the hit for when it came to lowering my prices did not so much as thank me. I thought I would be retired by now and i am not and I basically can’t stand it. On and on and on.

My main problem is people especially little punk b i tches that run their mouths because they know they will not get their as ses beat like they should.

Enjoy that? You got me to type again :slight_smile: I am sure i’ll get ripped to hell for answering but ya wanna know that is most of it. Basically all about money. Those who say it is not everything either have all they need or have never had any. To have had all you need and then lose it sucks beyond belief. I still have a small amount of hope that I will figure out something again someday. I was successful for the majority of my life the odds are in my favor I will be again someday. Will just see if it happens soon enough.

Mike, if you keep telling the same story of how bad you think your life sucks it will likely never get any better.

Every time you rant about it you reinforce it and draw more negative things toward you.

Maybe try staying off this or any MB until after the Jan 1 and then look back at the previous 6 to 7 wks and see if things improved for you.

Just a polite suggestion. You know i’m not trying to **** with you.:slight_smile:


Roy asked I told. I personally do not give a f u c k what anyone thinks especially the pieces of crap around here. You and Roy not included in that statement.

I’ll get mine again someday I imagine. Those who are satisfied with next to nothing are those who are pathetic in my eyes.

I am looking into a simple way to erase everything I have ever posted her and disappear from this den of fools anyhow. I just do not want to have to do it post by post some 11,000+ times. Most people around here make me sick and I feel are complete fools anyhow and I wish to fade away into the sunset and no longer even be associated with such pathetic sheep. Just like the good ole days when I never had these folks cross my mind.

Saved! :slight_smile:

Good 4 you friggen weirdo.

Keeping it for your collection???

Which one?? :slight_smile:

Who knows, hopefully not the one you whack off to…

More professionalism! :mrgreen:

As professional as this childish and whimp like cowardly behavior.

You have to be joking.:roll:

Was the name Brian included in that post? Huh?

:twisted:No. I thought was a public post. Thank You.

Hope it wasn’t a $40 wind mit:mrgreen:

Ya think that is funny but what do you think that poor piece of crap that had to do all that bs for that big company got paid to do it? I would be surprised if she made $40.