I love these Facebook layoffs

I love that all these people who banned me from Twitter and Facebook are now banned from their former employer’s buildings. How’s it feel?


Ha, good one


Looks like my son-in-law is going down Nick’s path to be banned. He is such a scary person for posting this. Here is how it appeared on my page.


yep…fascist book is killing itself by censoring it’s users…and even advertisers…imagine that…harassing your users has a drawback…


I highly doubt those who were furloughed personally had anything to do with “banning” you from social media. Would you also find it humorous that 10,000 Amazon’s Alexa unit and cloud gaming division employees are getting canned because your deliveries are always late?

Celebrating the fact that many hardworking people lost their jobs is disgusting. Regardless of politics or feelings about facebook content, most people are working for a company because it’s a job that pays the bills, so a little compassion is the more appropriate response. What you are doing is like if a client had a bad experience with a hack home inspector so he wishes the real estate market to tank so all home inspectors can’t work…

Perhaps it’s advisable to think about something from all angles before running one’s mouth.


Yeah, there’s nothing better than people losing their jobs.

No. I love Amazon. Jeff Bezos is amazing. Only person to do something that fantastic for the world, three times!

With regard to Facebook, they are our enemy. Look how they affect elections in this country. Zuckerberg even admitted it. That cost all Americans, dearly: Hunter Biden Laptop: Zuckerberg Admits Facebook Suppressed Hunter Laptop Story ahead of 2020 Election | National Review

But I get your point. Let me rethink about my position on Facebook again. OK, I thought about it. I love it. Maybe they can all get together and have one last party. They can roast hotdogs around a big campfire of burning books or something.


I find it interesting that some find joy in the cancelling of people (conservatives) they disagree with and are perfectly happy with them losing their jobs or lively hood.

But, when it comes to organizations such as FB (which do their bidding), all the sudden you are a terrible person for celebrating their demise.

The hypocrisy is laughable. Ignore them.


Wouldn’t Zuckerberg be the better person to lose his job as opposed to the workers who follow his rules?

I say let the Government put the same rules in place for social media that TV and radio have to abide by.

I have the same feelings about Twitter. Now whether you like Trump or not, he was a sitting president. For Twitter to ban him for life was absurd. If you think what he says is so bad, don’t suppress it. Let everyone hear it. We’re grown adults. And by banning a sitting president, you essentially give his opponents a bump. That’s interfering in the election. That’s not right. And it isn’t American. Now that they’ve lost their jobs, they should all move to North Korea.




Agreed. Right now they hide behind that platform exemption. You can’t even sue them. They get to claim that they are just a platform and aren’t responsible for anything. Yet their leader admits he influenced OUR national election with censorship. Can’t have it both ways.


Bingo…can’t be an editor and a non-editor at the same time.

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Facebook and Twitter are no better than the former USSR, deciding what discussions we peasants are allowed to have.


Honestly, I couldn’t give two shits about the future of Facebook or Twitter. It’s only a matter of time before Musk shuts his doors permanently. But, celebrating mass layoffs for hard working Americans right before Christmas? That’s disturbing.

In a related side note: I see people are able to post their Facebook restriction history. How can I find mine to post? They banned me at least 5 times, once during an important time of my life when I needed to alert friends and family about something.

Does anyone know how I can view my restriction history?

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Social media fails society by giving its dark outer fringes the appearance of relevance. It should all be unplugged.


Working for an anti-American, anti-free speech, subversive political arm of the woke party is disgusting. This is what being cancelled feels like, Christmas or not. And, I am not sure they are American or hard working. Personally, I feel bad for them. They have been misguided.

America is rejecting the platform for a number of reasons. It would be best if Mark Z added his name to the list.

I know exactly what it feels like to be cancelled 3 weeks before Christmas. That’s why I’m self employed now. Twenty years ago I was the purchasing/production manager for an electronics manufacture of low voltage lighting systems. The owner was a Christian. He wanted to “minister to the world”. I sourced Chinese components and Taiwanese assemblers for our biggest product line. I literally sourced myself out of a job. I vowed to never let someone else have that much power over my life again.