I passed the National Home Inspector Examination

I wanted to announce that I passed the National Home Inspector Examination on Friday for the state of Oregon! It was 200 questions in 4 hours and I used almost every minute of that time. Thank you Internachi! I could not have done it without you. And thank you to everyone on the forum. I’ve learned a lot from reading the posts here. I’m looking forward to getting my business going and taking the other certifications that Internachi offers.

Greg Holbrook


Welcome and Congratulations Gregory!

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Congratulations Gregory


Congratulations, Gregory, and Welcome to the forum, Enjoy!! :+1:




Welcome, Gregory & congrats. :slight_smile:


Way to study and welcome to our forum, Gregory! :smile:


Congrats Gregory !!! Happy Inspecting !!!


Congrats! Now the fun begins :smiley:

I’m studying to pass it here in Oklahoma. How similar to the InterNACHI exam would you say it was?

Congratulations! That’s such a great feeling.

Great Job!

The questions were not exactly the same but very similar. I had about 80 mins left after I answered all the questions so I went back through them and actually changed a couple. Just remember to relax and read each question through. I think that helped me. I had this compulsion to rush through it. Have you scheduled to take the test yet?


Did you use any other materials to study. Failed the first time, just using stuff from internachi


I read two books in addition to taking all the on-line classes. I would recommend theses books because they are from the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors. You can find them here: www.nationalhomeinspectorexam.org. Volume 1 is “Mechanical Systems and NHIE Content” and Volume 2 is “Structural Systems and Business”. I think they are $106 for the two. Well worth it. They have a lot of photo examples. I kept taking the Internachi practice exam. I consistently was in the mid-80% range. Plumbing and electrical are my weak points so I re-took those courses just before the test so that the information was fresh in my mind.

Greg Holbrook


congrats Mr. H


greg those are the two books i am reading and im scoring in the 80s over and over on these tests from internachi . im super nervous heating and roofing and plumbing are my weak points. so maybe i have a chance.

Congratulations. I just passed the Inner Nachi test and mock inspections myself. I wish you luck. I’m trying to call companies to see if I could join on board and get some hands on field training here is southern California before starting my own company and I’m encountering a lot of roadblocks. This is going to be much tougher than I anticipated.