If you have water in the basement, call/hire a LANDSCAPER?

…really? :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
Hire a landscaper and have them install this crrrrap and NOT find/locate/determine how/where the water is actually getting in huh?

Dude, you have NOT identified the dang problem!! Come on people!

What if the problem, the reason, the basement leaks is DUE TO a blockage in the lateral line that the landscaper doesn’t mention, how does this CHEAP az ‘drainage system’ at the corner SNAKE a blockage in the lateral line?
PLZ someone explain, looooooool

What if the problem, the reason, the basement leaks is because there is a crack and-or rod holes in the basement wall in that area… like THIS…
They already installed a stupid underground DRAINAGE PIPE, duh!
And like the landscaper, did NOT identify and then repair/waterproof the actual problems. jesus krrrristmas

These piping systems, drains n shttt, does NOT keep all RAINWATER off-of, AWAY FROM, the stupid basement wall! WHERE do some people get this incompetent crap from? Do they yank it out of the sky, out of a hat?

You need to FIND the problem(s), not assume some bullllsht drain and pipe and grading solves most basement leaks, my god!
All due respect to the landscaping dude but COME ON, a landscaper is NOT a dang waterproofing/foundation expert!

What if the problem, the reason, the basement leaks is due to something like THIS…

And what if the problem is on a driveway-side, does the landscaper recommend installing a drain in concrete? Come on!!

So, give money to landscapers and let em fc around with bulllsht and NOT diagnose the problem(s), that’s what homeowners should do huh…plz!!!

Photo’s 6–11
Here’s a DRAIN and PIPING crap for ya, and, a NEW DRIVEWAY with that ‘better pitch’, did it SOLVE the leaking basement???
How much MONEY is the homeowner OUT? I’ll tell ya, over $7,000.

Come on man, eh, I’m NOT perfect and water can sometimes be a lil tricky but you should NEVER recommend installing interior or exterior drains like the landscaper and BYPASS, not take the time or have the knowledge, in finding/locating/determining the actual problem(s) becccccccccccause, it COSTS homeowners money, just like in photos above, duh!!

Just like the landscaper, BETTY here has most homeowners solutions, she’s an EXPERT too huh? loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AV0-1dMfRPQ TIPS for fixing basement leaks, just phone Betty! :wink:
Yep, everybody on the planet, Haege and Sullivan, Betty and the landscaper etc has all or most of the solutions for leaky basements, and NOT my dumb az, nah, that’s not possible.

We just did/found leaky ROOF, just like this guy. with a hose, a water-test.
Mary Strable from St Clair Shores, the roofer who did her installation could not find the leakSSS, plural, he did come back once. So he couldn’t find it and left her with leaky roof, wonderfkgful!

Oh, ummm, duh, did NOT charge her 1 cent. Wife says there’s something wrong wiff Bubba. :wink:

Other POINT here is… dammmmit, lol, is you can ‘do’ a water test with a STOOOOOOOPID hose and find most of the actual problem(s) for leaky BASEMENTS!!!

If a homeowner has a finished basement and (grrrrrrr) doesn’t want to remove some of the drywall/paneling etc then you can do a water test on the outside of, where they first see/get water, inside… got that? :-k

Other than a possible lateral line blockage, back ups etc, most leaky basements are DUE TO a crack in the basement wall or OTHER openings/gaps in basement wall (like a rod hole or gaps below grade under a basement window-sill etc), or… openings ABOVE ground level such as open, cracked, poorly-tooled mortar joints, crevices/gaps around doors and so on.

First you go outside (and have someone stay inside, where the dumb leak is), and you light up the first of 10–15 smokes, take some good dang puffs, suck that crap down deep into your lungs like dumb az Bubba, and start running the water FROM–AT, ground level DOWN, that’s right, against the basement wall… from the top of the basement wall, down.

IF… there is a crack in the wall OR a deteriorated,leaky rod hole etc, IN THE WALL then, when your running the water, the hose test, the water will begin to come in and, most often, the homeowner/whoever is inside the dumb az basement (make sure they don’t fall asleep!), will see water down low, usually along–at the BOTTOM of the basement wall///floor.

Hence, if you get water in while soaking the soil from ground level down, you found your problem or, part of the problem. Sometimes ‘part’ because, some homeowners will also have 1+ openings/gaps ABOVE ground level, above the basement wall in–near, same area!

So, that’s what ya do NEXT… you light up ciggy number 5 and start soaking the lowest brick, mortar joints, basement window, slowly, and work your way UP… soaking one g dang thing at a time!

IF there’s 1+ openings ABOVE ground in the brick, joints, window, door etc then, when soaking THAT problem you will begin to get water in basement.
Often, if you take your time and LOOK, open yer EYEBALLS, you may see 1+ opening/crack etc in bricks, joints etc

Example’s of openings ABOVE grade where water can enter, DOOR, where screwdriver is and, to the right of screwdriver about 2" over and, any other openings around the sill, the threshold etc

Any openings in a CHIMNEY, small like this or of course, bigger cracks or gaps from ground level all the way up
and umm, don’t laugh and mistakenly think, a small hole like this would never allow water or a lot of water to get in some basement’s…cuz umm, you’d BE wrong

Under, around a front door, any door

Open, cracked, deteriorated mortar joints… or bricks etc
And Heeeeeeeey, lool, how does having, paying, a landscaper to install some drainage bulshttt, FIND and FIX, repair any of these? It doesn’t, never will, nope. But if you wanna spend hundreds or thousands on supposed bulshtt then by all means, its your house and your money, good luck!

Amazing, people hire/trust inside system companies and landscapers and plumbers etc but they won’t listen to, hire the few of us contractors who would find their dang problems and very often get them fixed for LESS money and actually stop the stooopid water from where its coming in. NOT crying, just stating the facts. Soon enough, the few of us you can trust will be out of business because you friggin don’t call us and hire us to help you and it pzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzes me off. I guess, loooooool, i’ll go and get my old paper route back, and biaaatch and moan and smoke my brains out delivering papers!!! At least I was a happy milkman back then. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHAAahaha

Milky!!! http://kindertrauma.com/images/art/milkytheclowntraumasnow1.jpg
…note, TWIN Pines! lololollllllllllllllllllll