Patent Trolling Legislation Update

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Linas, just curious, how does it affect home inspectors?

NACHI should be on that letter.

I don’t see how it has anything to do with InterNACHI members. I know of only one lawsuit against an inspector for patent infringement and it was withdrawn.

There are parasites everywhere there are college graduates with law degrees.

Every interNACHI member either knowingly or unwittingly supports and subsidizes a patent troll and threat to the industry with their membership dues.

What patent troll is threatening InterNACHI members? I don’t know of any.

And currently that is the only option besides taking the troll on alone. It’s not pleasant, but it is a whole lot better than the alternative.

I don’t know of any patent trolls threatening members. Much to do about nothing.

Does this mean if I decide to start offering thermal imaging I can pay Nick $500.00 a year to protect me from being sued?
This kinda sounds like stuff I’ve heard about what the mobsters do in Chicago and NY :shock:

Oh, with regard to our IR patents, no. We don’t charge $500 for them. We don’t charge anything for them. The license comes free along with

No you can have it free with your membership or go it alone. No payment to Nick is required. No one is being forced.

I would equate Homesafe to the mobsters. NACHI’s deal with them changes nothing about their character or the future of their ridiculous patents. They still need to be put away.

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After reading other posts re: this topic I will have to admit I’m totally confused.
Nick states above “our patents” CA states it’s Home Safes fault. I figure ahh what ever, and didn’t think anythink more about it.

THEN this clown Thornberry jumps in and defends Nicks actions. To me this Thornberry punk is STUPID, considering he is marketing his products to one association that Nick openly stated he’s out to destroy and will use "his " patents to do it, and the another association is auctally paying this AH to present a seminar marketing his crap at their annual convention.
His open support of members from one associations against the other is unbelievable, considering one association is getting involved to help ALL inspectors regardless of what association they do or do not belong to, and the other offers inspectors “free” protection from "his " patent IF they pay $500.00 to join his association.

As far as my legal fund only having $5.00 your are correct. Many will recall I was a member, during that time I took a few lessons from Nick one of them was don’t own anything. :twisted:

Dan Harris writes:

I’m pleased you appreciate my tutelage :D. The more you own, the more you are owned IMHO.

The real problem with this whole IR patent thing wasn’t that inspectors were getting sued. They weren’t. There has only been one suit that I know of and I got that suit withdrawn. The real problem was that it became apparent to some that I’m really not an inspection industry advocate. Oh, I’ve explained that I’m not for years, but this issue finally made it perfectly clear. I’m not an industry advocate because I truly, in my heart, believe that non-members should not be doing inspections for the public. I’m an InterNACHI member advocate. I did what I did to protect InterNACHI members. I have no right to take money from an InterNACHI member and use it to help his/her competitor. I only care about InterNACHI members. I think I have a long track record that shows I care more about InterNACHI members than even InterNACHI the trade association. I am what I am.


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If your complaint is that I’m not being fair to non-members… I’m guilty as charged. InterNACHI can be accurately described as a machine that pumps out competitive advantages for its members all night and all day, year after year. Those competitive advantages that InterNACHI members enjoy ultimately harm non-member competitors who don’t have access to them. And over time, they add up.