I'm in the Hurricane cone of uncertainty

They keep changing it every few hours, but here is the recent cone at my location. The arrow is my approx location.

Yeah, it went back to the east slightly, eh?


I’m in the middle of a tornado warning. Great being here with no electric

Remember what happen when the lights went out in Georgia? :smiley:

We have had tornado warnings for the last three hours here. Lots of wind and rain. Where I am, we seem to be in the in between all the feeder bands, for now anyway.

Good luck Roy.


Good luck be safe

It’s getting breezy but I am a lot less worried now than earlier today

Stay safe my friends!

Dodged a big bullet here in Tampa Bay hope everyone else fared as well.

We got lucky up here as well…will be taking down some big pines after this one

Keep well. and keep us posted.
We’re all in this together.

The eye of the storm passed over our house… thank the Good Lord the storm had weakened before it got here. The eye witness accounts are astonishing, as well as the destruction left behind. Prayers to all those more drastically affected in the Keys and on Marco Island, I hate to think what happened to Goodland.

This gave me goosebumps all over! :lol:

As soon as I posted that our electric came back on! Hooty HooOOOOO! :lol: