I'm soooo happy we have code inspectors...

I just wouldn’t feel safe if we didn’t. :roll:


Commercial building with that problem would be the responsilbity of the architect, his structural engineers and/or the trades involved in the with the reinforcing.

Code Inspectors did not Build that Building…:wink:

It was probably passed off by the Builders Punchlist Guy… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s residential and retail. You honestly think this building didn’t have multiple structural code inspections by the city? Regardless, someone dropped the ball big time. The funniest part is this the carpenter union’s building. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Huh? No sh i t.

LOL :mrgreen: Actually, you’re close. I did the building two blocks NW.

Someone please explain to me how Post tension cables could cause this.

They are holding the Foundation together. Kind of important that they do not corrode and then break…It can be quite messy…

So ,why is it to expensive to correct is what I am not getting?

I am not that familiar with installation of said cables Bob,
but if I had to guess, I bet it would be quite the feat to fix the cables in Situ, easily…

Yeah,but it is amazing that they blame uncoated cable ends for the demise of an entire building.
I would like to learn more about the details on this one.

Hoping someone has the skills to understand and explain more about this.

Not cables Bob, Post Tension Cables.


Here’s another FUBAR. City of Charlotte got in the NBA sports business by building an arena. After just 5 years, the roof needs to be replaced at a cost of $500,000. Glad I’m not a Charlotte taxpayer!