I'm Wrong - CSST

I guess we better all change our verbiage because today we have been put in our places by a professional.

Today I was told by a licensed plumber that CSST does not require a bond. In fact it’s not a bond at all but rather a ground and the stainless steel acts as a ground so there’s nothing to be done about it at all.

It never ceases to amaze me what contractors come up with.

UGH…typical plumber playing electrician today…:wink:

Thanks for the update:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I just email the bulletin , AND tell them to put it in writing

On this thread, the way I read it, you stated bonding **CSST **is pretty much the plumbers or gas fitters responsibility. So the plumber has to “play” electrician.

May be why there is so much confusion. No professional trade wants to take responsibility, and the ones that do are often not qualified.

Well I guess they are not really “playing” electrician since the requirement is not the electricians well known “NEC” document, other than 250.104. So I guess the plumber and gas fitter are playing manufacturers installer since they are installing the product, they need to install it in accordance with the manufacturers wishes.

They can’t really play electrician since I do not consider anyone without a license to be an Electrician…this is a case where (my opinion) a license makes a difference at least in calling yourself a “Electrician”