Improper flashing/waterproofing

This is more of a general post than a question.
This home is only 2 years old, and the paver decks at the front and back have plywood overhangs that are already rotting and molding.
The main area is concrete, but the overhangs are CDX plywood, (not exterior rated) with apparently no flashing or waterproofing! Under the pavers is sand, then durock over the plywood.
This is a major correction, as it would require complete removal of the pre cast railings, pavers, and plywood underlayment. This home also had a lake on the roof, moisture intrusion at a window, and loose pavers at the steps that were glued down at just the edge with liquid nails! Looking at the permit records, it took about 3 years to complete, so homeowner build it appears…


I have never seen pavers over wood decking perform well. For me, it is an immediate red flag and I keep looking until I find the inevitable.


What are those square posts with the 4x4 wood blocks sitting on top of them supposed to be doing? Supporting the joists?

Supposed to be! :thinking: It doesnt have wood blocks sitting on top, it is the same post, the stucco just ended right there.
They also continue support up to the roof. But as you probably noticed, the joists are just nailed into the sides of the posts. Not to mention the water can also run right down the unfinished section and get behind the stucco wrap…

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This was a “Florida Man” Project it appears