In need of new report writing software

$149/year sounds like a good value, especially with cloud storage. I have not looked at 3D yet.

Thanks Kip appreciate your feedback!

Nice, Thanks for the feedback and enjoy the golf!

We have just switched over to Spectora, mainly because the old home made Word template I developed and used for 25 years was too difficult to move to a new computer for the new Inspector I just hired. Yes, it has canned narratives, but I found them to be useless. But, I have never been able to use anyone else’s narratives without serious editing or complete rewriting anyway. This includes recommended reporting language from the NC HILB.
On the other hand, it is extremely easy to just copy and paste from my old form into the Spectora format and save it for future use. That is probably what you will wind up doing. It’s possible to import comments through an Excel database, but probably not worth the headache. It was also easy enough to set up my basic template to match my old report format that my referral sources are used to. Embedding multiple photos and videos is really easy, it’s simple enough to include links to outside informational sources and the realtors that have seen it so far seem to like the repair request builder. To me it is a little dumbed down from what I had before, but the other commercial report forms I have seen are worse, or certainly no better. We worked on setting it up like I wanted for over a month before going prime time with it, and I am finally pretty happy with the results.
As to the cost, at an average of around 300 inspections per year it comes out to $6.72 per inspection, and I think with a new Inspector on staff and a report form we can start on site I can increase volume enough to bring it down to around $4.00, about what I pay ISN. In other words it should more than pay for itself.

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