Infrared Room Heaters

Does anyone have any experience with these?

I would like to hear pros and cons for discussion.

Like the Electric Fireplaces built by Amish Craftsman who do not use electricity.?

But they do use electricity.

On the high setting, 1500 watts

Oh, you meant the Amish Cabinet builders. :wink:

My brother purchased one for his wife. She needed it because of the romote control since she can’t walk easily. I wish this company would come up with a remote control.
This is the most efficient heater, I have tested it myself against other brands.

What makes it the “most efficient” ?

Read the info and test it. 840 watts on setting.

That does not answer my question.

As these are ALL electric and electric heat is near 100% efficient they should all be very close in efficiency with the only difference being any motor to move the air if so equipped.

What costs more to heat a room 1500 watts or 840 watts?
The unit adjusts to a set temperature by your comfort. This is what makes it the most effective at producing true 5120 BTU’s/room at less than other units including the Comfort Furnace.

There are 3.414 BTUs per watt KEVIN.

A unit using 1500 watts would run less often than a unit using 840 watts for the same size room so I don’t understand your argument.

1,500 hundred watts gives the same heat IR or Resistance .
High price for the same amount of heat … Roy
One heats the air and the other heats the object .

What are you saying Roy.

These are all very similar in the amount of heat(BTUs added to the room) produced whether they cost $29 or $600.

I have only one comment to give to both of you.
5120/btu’s is not what it produces. It performs the function of.
Yes you are right 3.414/watt so for the same performance you get
2867 watts and this is not on all the time.
You will never have the testing for this unless you do the comparison like I have.

We have used one for 3 years in a rear addition on our house room is 16x24. It works great set at medium and heats the room.

Yes exactly One looks better But does not do a better job… Roy

Oh yes it does KEVIN.

There is no magic here.

The conversion from electrical energy to heat energy is very close to 100% in these heaters.

It is very simple physics.

Nearly all the energy is converted from electrical to heat as there is no light produced and no mechanical energy produced.

Agreed. Tell Kevin. :wink:

The Furnace style heater has many dis-advantages to its design over the more efficient Therma-flow.

Yes Some are noisy some take up less space some cost less But 1,500 is !,500 , A few years ago Consumer report compaired many different designs . Still the results are the same …

Even on high it does not use 1500 watts only 1250. It is much quieter than the Heater Furnace and the air flow does not create as much draft due to the slope design of the fins.

That makes no difference. It still produces BTUs at the rate of 3.414 BTUs per watt no matter the size.

It’s a law of physics.:shock: