Inspectapedia, wet basements


a sealer on inside? look at the photo they want us 2 see, top left… there will be some exterior openings along grade and possibly above grade and possibly below grade (yeah maybe ext-cracks in wall, especially at-near corner). I would do a water test with a hose to determine these possibilites BEFORE homeowner spends 1 cent, didn’t read that here eh.

They say, It IS possible to seal concrete block basement walls, in fact it CAN be done from the INTERIOR

Now that’s big wozzzzzzzzzzzzzzers… really folks? Okay, if you say so gotta be true.

Near end of article we have a, ‘Reader question’ lol
The reader says they have lots of cracks in block foundation walls and has efflorescence and seepage in some areas…

In part their answer talks about a supposed honest DE-watering guy they know

Why not say something like, if there are lots of cracks in block F wall (s) and some efflorescence and some seepage then you WILL need some exterior waterproofing done 'n backfilled correctly… instead of bringing up roof runoff and a dewatering guy from the get go, sheehs, okay well there ya go CA land-man has his professional speaker.

So yeah, sheesh i’m questioning their answers, is that okay? lol Some gonna cry about it? Am not taking a dump on 'em, just questioning what they wrote

Slapping stuff on the inside of block basement walls, hmmmm, will THAT stop water from entering and building up inside the cores? lol What about deteriorating exterior blocks?

yeah it’s KKKK lol, allow water to keep entering and slap stuff on the inside and check roof run off and sure get new gutters and have downspout ext’s run out to the street, better yet, run them towards neighbors house, they love you 4 it, got milk?

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Impermeable coatings…hmmmm…very few circumstances where this is actually a reasonable cure. And then it is really not a cure, just a band-aid. Maybe in a crawl where moisture is wicking up from soil but not penetrating from the exterior. It could help with humidity control as the block dries to the inside.

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smh, this is who Young blood prefers over all huh lol okay big boy

don’t have ton of time to tear apart more

scroll down to, Concrete foundation leak points at form ties (rod holes) 'n photo
THEY say in-part, On usually rare occasions we find water leaks through form ties…
(yeah well i see this crap several times a week)

then they say, the significant volume of leaking along this basement wall suggests that there was an outdoor problem with surface runoff or mishandling of roof runoff around the building.

‘THE’ PROBLEM are the deteriorated rod holes, period! Fix, repair, plug the dang rod holes!

WHY don’t we see, read that? What is so difficult to state the truth, the obvious as i said, FIX the dang rod holes correctly.

scroll down a tad more to, Concrete block foundation leaking at footing drains (? lol)
Says in-part, the footing drain is absent or clogged…

Oh, so no chance at all that there may be an exterior crack, cracked parging etc on the outside of the block wall eh (see the many video posted pffttt)
Footing drain absent of clogged? lol

Sometimes to be certain of WHERE the stupid water is actually first-entering (block n brick F walls),
one should do a water test w/ a stupid hose BEFORE anything is done sheesh smh. The rod holes aka form tie leaks are OBVIOUS, NO need to do a water test when sht is obvious.

Water test doesn’t lie, people lie, especially in this business on this subject, dang skippy.

Now you did it Mr Bubber how dare you
You will be shortly admonished by WAFI!

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Well said Mr. Mark! :grin: