Reporting Questions

Hi folks, I’m new to the HI industry and am not quite sure which method of reporting to choose, so I have some questions:

  1. The Home Reference Book…any comments on that?

  2. I heard about various softwares, not sure whats avaliable though.

  3. Pretty sure I’m gonna choose on-site reporting. Is here any place to get pre-made forms?

Hopefully someone can give me some insight into this process. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Hi Rodney, Welcome to the business. There are many report formats and methods, as well as pre-made forms and report binders like the ‘Home Reference Book’. You can do onsite checklist reports or electronic reports. I don’t like checklist reports so what I do is brief the client after the inspection, give them a copy of the site notes I take and then follow up with an electronic report where I incorporate the photos of the inspection. I use Horizon reporting system but there are many to choose from. One that seems to be a favourite seems to be ‘Home Inspector Pro’
I am actually just trying it out and might switch myself. I suggest trying different methods to find what works best for you and your clients. You may even want to call other inspectors in the area and ask what reporting system they use. If you find that most use the same type and method, that might be what your area likes and expects (word of mouth). You might also want to be adventurous and introduce a new report system to your area and become unique, as long as it works well.
Good luck in your new business and happy inspecting.

There are plenty of options to choose from
see for a list.

I use Home Inspector Pro myself. I recommend you download some free trials of various programs, ask questions of their support team (and see if your comfortable with their timeliness and answers) play with the templates and find what works best for you.

Try this thread for on site reports
You can look back and find others.


Visit , download a trial version then go to their message board.

There are some templates you can download and play with , won’t cost anything till you buy it, then it is cheaper that anything out there, and MUCH better.

I did post a template and I do on site reporting. I prepare the report on a tablet PC print it when I’m done, and burn the photos on a cd.

Client has the complete package under their arm when they leave and I’m on to the next one.

Nothing to do at night except watch TV and have a few glasses of vino.

BTW the support you will get from Dominic is impossible to beat!!!

Cheers and Welcome