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Before I became associated with InterNACHI. I was looking for a reasonable price software on the internet. I stumpled across this software provider InspectMaster, now InspectFaster. I purchased this software from this company and the owner of Martin Hewitt. I was having big problems with this software so I had e-mail for support as any customer would do. This guy came back to me with a reply insulting my intelligence saying that I was not computer literate. I figured out this software on my own. Recently, I had discovered that this guy Martin Hewitt is a phony using different names, and stealing copyright narratives from another software firm. Yesterday I had sent an e-mail to Mr “Poster” telling him not I was not going to use this copyright software, he replied as follows:

Very funny. Request denied.

On May 6, 2009, at 2:29 PM, wrote:

As a InterNachi member I have read lot’s of bad information on you. You have changed your name at different times for InterNACHI members to purchase your software. Your narratives have been copied from a different source. I am requesting full refund of my money because I am not going to use this software. It is totally illegal because of copyright theft. I can see now why they say be careful who you deal with on the internet.

Another question to Mr “Poster” (Hewitt) was a reasonable question that deserved a reason answer:

I have no idea. Why don’t you invest the time and effort to find out, then let me know so I’ll have an answer for the next guy who will probably never ask me that question. :slight_smile:

On May 3, 2009, at 12:27 PM, wrote:

Will this program suffice to use the Flir BCAM SD for thermal home inspections?

I hope that this man is prosectuted to the fullest extent of the law for violating copyright protection software.

Finally, I must have this last word for Mr Hewitt. Since you use to be an actor from what I understand. Why don’t you make a new movie from Alcatraz as an inmate. That’s where you belong!:smiley:

We could have warned you.
I took his trial and ended being helped by Dominic.

He told me his software does not run well with IE. (haha)

I purchased this software back in Feb time frame. Wasn’t a member of NACHI yet. But now I am. Interesting things are on here. A great organization to be in. I think one of the best!

I had a similar issue with InspectFaster. The guy Martin was a real tool and responded as if i had never used a computer before.

The software is “OK” but has major issues with formatting and the controlling of it, image management and seems to bog computers down to a crawl. I can’t even install the upgrade and was told too bad.

Use anything other then InspectFaster

Ethan, I’m sorry you’ve had problems there. Send an email to me at I’ve been giving some of the InterNACHI members that had major problems with him a discount on our software.

Are you still using the software ?

Interesting running across this thread. I am a user of InspectFaster, and have been for approx. 2 years. I bought it because it was inexpensive, easy to understand, flexible enough for my needs, and that I could load it onto as many computers as I wanted and didn’t have to pay for it again every year. I did have a difficult time getting it installed and getting the reports to save properly, but Mr. Hewitt spent several hours over many days by email and phone helping me get it to work, but finally it did work. I don’t know anything about stolen this or that or copyright infringement. I do know that many of my customers are still my customers because they like the format of the report.

I just figured that after seeing all the negative comments, and with my experience having been somewhat more positive, I should put it out there, for what it is worth.

Hewitt is a liar, thief,and knows nothing about software.
You are not smart to admit giving him your money.

I feel bad for you since I think you might be a liar also since this is your first post.
NACHI members are too smart for this guy and you will never find him posting here for good reason.

Nice try buddy.

Now where is your website as you are hiding it from us ?

Thanks for sharing.

You gotta be kidding.:shock:
50/50 this is Hewitt under a pseudo membership.

My advice (regardless of what software you use): Part with a whopping $99 and buy yourself a nice, huge set of beautifully-written narratives that you can use legitimately, forever.

Here ya go:

Kenton has been working on them for over a decade… and now they can be yours.

Hewitt has used fake names here in the past.

Guess how many copies he gave out.

That is a great software!

Hewitt you will stoop to any
I like your Home Inspector web site Rose .Is this your opinion as a professional inspector?:slight_smile:

Wow, Mr. Elliott! I’m thinking you may need some anger management therapy or something. Did Hewitt run over your dog also? I am not Mr. Hewitt, nor am I a liar. I don’t feel bad at all for paying $199 for a piece of software that has served me well for the most part (yes it does have it’s limitations and issues). At the time I couldn’t afford the $500 and up that most of the others were going for so I grabbed this one. And yes, I am hiding my website right under your nose, as the only one I have is the free one provided by NACHI (thru which you can shoot me a direct email if you have any other criticisms, or would like to order an inspection from me;)). I do have to agree with you on the point that the folks here at NACHI are great in every respect.

So don’t feel bad for me. I am hanging in there averaging 2 a day 6 days a week with my crappy little piece of software. And since this is my second post, maybe I can get off the automatic “first post liar” list?


I see nothing here to indicate you are really an inspector.
Rose just so happened to post right after you and her link certainly is not to an inspector site now is it?

I suggest you study up on Mr Hewitt history before you keep pushing a criminal.

He stole from a few of the software guys that are well respected here so what say you to that sir?

He came here and promised to give out his faulty software in 2007 but reneged on his promise at that time.
What do you say to that sir?

He created phony reviews on CNet
What do you say to that sir?

He uses many false names when posting.
What do you say to that sir?
He changes the name of his software to hide himself even further.
What do you say to that sir?

He is not a software designer and knows little about the subject.
What do you say to that sir?

Do you have a web site?
Post your location and URL here…

Perhaps you should just stick to learning Home Inspection .(If you are a real Inspector) which I doubt.

Worse yet Bob. He was an Appraiser. That license is expired. Next thing you know, he will be a real estate broker, mortgage broker or escrow agent. Jack of all Trades, master of none. :roll:

Actually he was an Actor on a TV show though I do not remember which one.
He is welcome dispute everything here .

I meant our inspector, not the fly by night lying sack of manure that was selling the software that was filled with stolen material.