Insurance claims

If this roof belong to you personally would you have filed a claim for repair and or replacement???

But that would be me lolol

No…my deductible would more than cover what I see in the pictures.

I did not take a pic of every hail ding the roof was covered with them;-)

Of course I would because I know what you see in Oklahoma weather wise :slight_smile:

Most insurance companies need so much damage/hits per square of shingles. This one appears to have enough. Replace.

Before you file a claim with your insurance company I recommend that you have it evaluated by a public or independent adjustor. If you can’t find one or don’t want to spend extra money then find a reputable roofing contractor that is HAGG certified and have them evaluate it. Ask them about the different insurance companies and their requirements for replacement and there experience working with the different insurace companies. Not all insurance companies have the same requirements. This is not to second guess the home inspector but generally we are not as knowledgable about the insurance & claims business. Some insurance companies will ding you because you filed a claim even if the claim is denied. This may save you in the long run and give you a better idea if you should file a claim and its potential out come.

Ken this was not my roof it was on a house I inspected I was just drawing folks out of their shell trying to get some different opinions;-)

I knew that

It worked well over 200 looked and I am sure many learned much.


lol on your signature comment (ignore list)

The insurance company cannot raise rates for an individual home because of claims againt hail or wind damage. They can raise a region’s rates, but not an individual. If you have 10 hits in a square, that exposure will be replaced. Some companies only require 8 hits in a square.

But they can cancel an individuals policy and some do and have for simply filing a claim:shock:

Yes I would, but I wouldn’t wait until the damage was so old that it had turned grey.
Going back into my shell now. :mrgreen:

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I’m with Kenton, Yes as soon as the damage occurs. :slight_smile:

It works great do not see what he post’s and could care less about him .
I am retired and do not have as much spare time as he does .
Thanks guys much appreciated … Roy