Roof Inspection For Insurance Company

Hi Everyone,
My name is Ryan and I have my first roof inspection that was requested by a insurance company. They told me that it is a metal roof and there was a claim put in for ice damming. I am quite familiar with ice damming and it’s causes and what to look for from the normal roof inspections I have done, but I am not familiar with what the insurance company will be expecting and looking for in the report. Are there any suggestions on how to manage a good report for a insurance company and what out of the ordinary they might expect.

Be careful. I don’t walk on metal roofs. If you know the manufacturer they have details on where to step. Other than that you’re performing a single component home inspection IMO. Let our SOP guide you. Odd that they would contract a home inspector. Maybe you should consider sub-contracting a metal roofing contractor? Let us know how it goes.

For Insurance Inspections that I have Completed, the Insurer either had a Prescribed Format (Software) or Provided a Sample Copy of Report that would be Indicative of their Expectations.

I suggest that You contact the Insurer and request a Sample Copy.

It’s great that you got the call. Ice damming on a metal roof… I’m interested in hearing what the inspection shows.