Insurance Cos not accepting old form done after 01/20

I am getting calls from client to say the insurance companies are not accepting the old wind mit form if the inspections were done after 01/20. They are insisting on the new form and saying just copy the info over. What are you guys doing?

I started doing the new forms around that time OR, gathering all the info to do either one.

I DO NOT TRANSFER THE OLD TO THE NEW. Some data may not change, like roof deck. But if it was clips, did you focus in and count the nails? Do you have a pic documenting 3 nails on a Simpson style clip?

At the very least you have to reinspect and be paid accordingly.

I had also started with the new forms a week later. Accordingly first I gathered all the information that can be different and then copied all other information. I have also taken help of Insurance Claim Adjusters for completing the form.

The OIR clearly stated that the new form went into effect on 1 Feb 2012. These insurance companies are far from consistent.
I started using the new form around 20 Jan. I had to go back and redo all State Farm UMVI’s because they decided that they were not going to accept the new form until 1 Feb. NOW, State Farm says that they wil take the old form until the end of the month. Every other company that I’ve ran into say’s after 1 Feb, new form only, prior to 1 Feb, either form is fine.
I would rather not spend my time arguing with them on something that is easily repaired and doesn’t hurt the customer. I’ve gone back on all the State Farm ones and used the same photos, generated the report on the old form, attempted to get the clients signature, and resubmitted the information.

We started new form on Feb 1 as required, no issues. All the same information though so if they called our office within a few weeks of the inspection we would provide a new one for free.

Same with me. NO ISSUES.

I do not do much for free. Depends on the clients attitude and how I feel at the time :slight_smile:

We began collecting the info for the new form in January.

Is there any new information? To me its all the same just more check marks

Preston, You need to know about all the openings and you need photos of the nails on clips.

Professional inspectors like Preston have been doing that already. Nothing new.

I have all the inspections done since last November on the new form, should my clients need them, for free.


What a deal!

There was also another reason to do it. It gave me time to test my form and also to get some experience with it.

I never realized I was doing something special:D