InterNACHI protecting member's interests in Kansas...

NACHI members can allways count on NACHI!:smiley:

Life is a bitch, sometimes you bite the dog… Sometimes you get bit.

And sometimes you have to put the dog down.

Kansas is a rural state, and InterNACHI is proud of the fact that it offers home inspectors in rural areas an opportunity to better themselves by taking on-line courses and participating in on-line forums with other home
inspectors. Mr. Barnes, whose business is in Wichita, criticizes InterNACHI because InterNACHI uses technology to make these services available to its members in rural areas.

It is my understanding that some of the finest colleges / universities in the United States and in the World offer “on -line” or “off campus” learning through computer generated / computer offered programs.

For those who use this as a “Tool” to slander and disparage the NACHI
on-line test, and or Tech programs like they have in Kansas and*** New Hampshire*** is the height of STUPIDITY!

Molly is probably a good dog.

In many instances, it should be the owner that is “put down” not the dog.

Hope Molly can find a good home!!!

It appears Mr. Barnes will soon discover the cold truth that it’s a puppy-kickin’ world and he should have left sleeping dogs lie.

…and life’s a bitch.:wink:

And then you die

or get put to sleep :wink: .

I don’t know about you but I’m just uncomfortable with anyone who feels it’s their duty to sit on a state home inspection board and dictate policy to the rest of us. I say keep all of the HI’s off these boards and turn it over to the Realtors to run.

Only if we HI’'S get to sit on the Real Estate Board!!!

Talk about a check and balance!!!

It would tit for tat!

That I could go for!!!

Are you suggesting lethal injection???

Texas is a fine state for that!


Your wish came to fruition when the Governor of Kansas signed the bill.

Two of the five board seats are “at large” and are not home inspectors. That leaves the real estate brokers who spent the money to buy the law. Two of them only need one home inspector intimidated by his need for a relationship with RE salesmen (which represents about 80% of the home inspectors in Kansas or any other state) and they rule the board.

Barnes may have “screwed the pooch” but there will be another to rise up even more corruptible than he.

Agreed, if Barnes is not made an example of, it will get worse.