Internachi Exam results

Since I am taking the NHIE soon I’ve been retaking some Internachi courses.

Is there a way I can see what questions I got wrong?
Took the same exam a few times and got 91-92-91 for scores. It would be nice to see where I’m weak.

Nachi won’t tell you what questions you got wrong for some reason. Been asked several times before. Why are you taking the NHIE exam, just curious.

Paul is probably going after Mike Larson’s territory across the river in Wisconsin! He’s a Richard like that! :twisted:

I am asked to do 203K’s in Wisconsin. I would be the closest guy in over 150 miles.
I will want a Wisconsin Home Inspectors license as Wisconsin has licensing.

Simple as that.

See. I wasn’t that far off! :mrgreen:

No, you weren’t far off, your assumption was very far off.