InterNACHI member/CMI wins HomeGauge's reporting contest.

Congrats J.B. Anderson!

Another InterNACHI member came in 2nd place too.

Very funny Nick we must have been thinking alike tonight!
I posted this before you on the CMI section. LOL

Did you post it over on the other message board for your friend Dan from Arizona? He sure thinks highly of you Mr. CMI.:stuck_out_tongue:

No surprise to me! There are allot of American’s that don’t Like Germans, French, Italian, British, Mexicans, Blacks, Canadians ect. I am not sure I would be proud of discrimination.

It has nothing to do with your nationality. To put it in plain English Kevin, you’re a f u c k i n g idiot. :wink:

Be nice, Linas. You are in the public part of the message board.

Wow, that’s not offensive at all. I hope you don’t sit around and wonder why there seems to be so much vitriolic reaction to anything you say here.

Kevin has made it known on this MB that he hates Americans. It would take some time, but search through all the posts where he jumps into a conflict and starts pushing buttons when Roy and Robert (Canadians) are attacking Mike or myself (Americans). He wears it like a badge of “honour”.

I have many many Americans as friends!

It is not about Canadians(a bunch of fine folks for the most part)

It’s about YOU, the faux CMI