InterNACHI's legal counsel recommends that you give something to every client.

Defending a home inspector is so much easier when they’ve given the client a copy of Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection.](

I give much more than that. I have been told that the home maintenance information that I give every home buyer/client is worth more than the cost of the inspection. It is a total of over 600 pages.

Guess what it is. Nick knows.

Nick, how should we document the fact that we DID give them the book and/or the electronic version?

Make sure the book is listed on your invoice at no charge.

Best Question of the Year Award goes to Pete Campbell.


Good idea Rick. I just added that to my invoice template as an option.

Wow! And it’s only early May!:slight_smile:

“Signature verifies reading and understanding of all reports, and receiving report copies, pictures, documentation, including maintenance tips and information…”

What signature? The contract?

Is there one?

My question exactly. That would be great to be able to give this out electronically.

That’s lame. The world is full of digital info (If you are going to do that…why not just email them a link to In digital form, it loses all its punch. However, handing someone who is buying a home a real book about maintaining their home…is very powerful.

Furthermore, to get referral business generated from your business cards that are stapled to the fronts of books sitting on previous clients’ shelves… you need books sitting on previous clients’ shelves.

And finally, InterNACHI wouldn’t make any money if we digitized it… LOL. :wink:

Books are a thing of the past. Most of the world looks online now for information.

Hello Nick, It would be nice to also include a French Version of InterNACHI’s Home Maintenance Book, “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection”.

Best Regards,
Celina Lapello

The point of the book isn’t to supply people with information. Again, if you want to do that, just email them a link to

Cameron, it is on my PIA and if they do not sign that, it is also on my reports, that are printed and presented on site.

Any NACHI member can tailor any NACHI inspection article to the area they service, or where the client lives. Nick allows this. The articles can be saved by you via PDF, saved to a disc, and presented to the buyer. Even some NACHI graphics can be saved this way. Of course, many of the graphics and articles may not be needed, as they are inspector oriented, instead of client oriented. Pick and choose, tailor them for a client, save as PDF, place on CD’s for your buyer.

Just for Nick’s info, at the end of every article and graphic is a “copyright” line for NACHI.

Best give-a-way I have ever done: Thanks to Nick, and all he does for us and our clients.

If you are an InterNACHI member, you can put your name on those articles as co-author with me if you think that helps. I won’t squawk.

I always give credit where credit is due. It enhances your character and integrity in many ways.