InterNACHI's Mario Kyriacou In The News

Good article Mario.

Thanks John!!!

It was a pleasure doing this interview with Ms. Heather Davis. The actual (Printed) article is half the page with photos!!

I have a hard time getting past that little weather bug in the upper left hand corner. "Today’s weather -6 degrees C." You’ve got to be kidding me!

Nice job Mario :wink:

Thanks Jeff!!!

The sad part is we are four days into spring and we just had more snow!!!

Thanks, Mario:
You always make InterNACHI proud.

That’s a crime. We were up over 90 degrees yesterday. . .

WOW!! That’s my kind of weather Jeff!!

OK Now you can stop rubbing it in!!

Thank You Dr. Swift!!!

I have to tell you, getting compliments from you,Jeff and John mean a lot to me!!

Thank you gentlemen!!

and might I add…complimenting guys like YOU means alot to guys like us

Thank you


Thanks Mic!!

Way to go Mario that has to be good for buisness. You deserve it. Its cold down here to, yesterday only got up to 66F.

Thanks Jeffery!! …and Thanks for rubbing it in like Jeff!! :smiley:

It is a pleasant 63 degress today with sunshine.
It’s not easy, but someone has to do it…:slight_smile:

I’ll be back in a jiffy.
I’m going to take my afternoon nap.

Mario, nice job!!!:smiley:

Thanks Gary!!

Way to go Mario, congrats!!!

Thanks Peter!!

Atta boy Mario!

Thanks Randy!!