New phone decision

I’m getting ready to upgrade from a Samsung Galaxy S7 to either a Galaxy S8 or an LG6. A big part of my decision is working with my phone and how it relates to HIP mobile. The LG6 has a better camera with wide angle shots that will capture more of a bedroom, house, roof, etc but I have had the Samsung Galaxy line of phones for years. I’m hesitant to switch to LG only because of what I’m use to but their camera is top notch. Does anyone have any input on the LG6 vs Galaxy S8?

I’m praying the Note8 comes out sooner than later.

Wait one month or kick yourself when the One Plus 5 arrives .

Go for the pure Google phone. The Pixel +

I agree with Frank. Get the Google Pixel XL. It’s what I use which also means it’s the primary device I test HIP on!

Got 3 Note 4’s they are about $300 now and work great. The stylus works great for getting signatures and also for adding arrows, lines, etc to photos in mobile.