Iphone or Driod

Anyone using the Iphone or Driod on T-Mobile? Interested in real world info not just sells mans BS

I have neither, but i have been doing the same debate. My debate is not the phone, but At&t vs Verizon. I an really leaning towards the Droid.

Same here, and it seems like Tmobile tends to lag the pac, which was not a problem with just a phone in the past.

I have an Iphone it’s very user freindly, that would depend on who your server was. We are using Fido, two Iphones the whole nine yards talk text…for 150./month

I use the Driod with Verizon. The only real difference that I noticed is that the IPhone screen is a bit bigger. I think it’s just a matter of whether you prefer Apple or Google.

I use the Droid with Verizon and love it. Especially with Google, Gmail, Google calendar and contacts are seamless. The apps are cool too.

Android phones. Get the new EVO 4G from Sprint coming out in a week.

Are you going to get the EVO?

Before you get a phone expecting to have 4G check the service area. 4G service is only available in limited areas now

Yeah they plan to have it to half the country by the end of 2010.

I would buy it buy by HTC Mogul died 2 months ago and I had to get the Samsung Moment (runs Android) so I’ll keep it a year until I get the discount and my area has 4G. I hate AT&T. They have deceptive ads claiming they are the fastest 3G… uhh that’s because Spring has 4G.

Don’t like the iPhone’s limitation of only one program running at a time unless it’s an Apple program. I go running and have My Tracks and Pandora on at the same time.

Bruce, T-Mobile doesn’t sell the iPhone BTW.

I am so far behind. My phone makes and receives phone calls and even has voice mail! LOL

thats where I have been all these years, but my screen just died and if I am going to spend some money I might as well upgrade at the same time. I don’t text nor do I want to start but some of the apps are preety handy

Ditto…and I like the Google Map GPS App…very nice.

The only thing I don’t like is the poor battery life of the DROID.

I knew about poor battery life and made them give me a second battery out of the back when I bought it.

I estimate 3 hours of constant talking and data use drains it.

You gotta remember this tiny thing is doing as much as any computer or more when you are emailing,texting,uploading phone shots,web surfing,using apps,using GPS,Google calendar,Pandora,etc all practically at the same time.

Dale ,Dom informed me that you can know upgrade the Moment to 2.1 like the Droid and battery life gets better.

I thought you had an IPhone Condo…you upgrade to a DROID?—:smiley:

Same as Dominic.
I have a Sprint Moment.

Ahh…now I understand…good piece of equipment…!

I trust you had a safe trip back home. It was good to see you, except for the circumstances.
be safe

Me and you both, RR. I have a computer science degree, but all I want to do on a phone is talk, and I want to do that as little as possible.